Lace wip

If you’ve been following my makes, over the years a movie or a tv series will get my attention and then it’s all systems go to use parts of those costumes to make something I can wear in my everyday life.

In 2015 I went through a Hunger Games sewing streak.

The training gear worn in the first movie

I did get to use these as separates in real life. Redrafting existing patterns made this idea come to reality quite nicely.

Then I did a bit of Outlander inspired sewing. My most useful make was the gathering dress that I’ve worn loads of times at work.

Gathering inspired dress for work

I made this dress in 2015 and it’s been a great dress to wear to work. With this project, I used my block patterns and then through thought out pattern placement, I got the plaids to match and the floral insert placed brilliantly.

wedding inspired dress

The Outlander wedding inspired outfit was absolutely fun to make. I’ve not worn it anywhere however I did learn a lot about making a corset and redesigning a corset.

In 2016 I made a Game of Thrones inspired wrap coat.

Wrap Cersei inspired coat

Brocade fabrics are so dreamy to me. Using a basic wrap coat is all I used with this brocade fabric.

Using chains on the shoulders

While I’ve never used chains as an embellishment, this coat gave me more skills to figure out how I could use them in future projects.

Mad Men Peggy dress

Last year I made a Peggy dress using those huge checks. Again I redrafted this style from New Look 6000.

Most of these projects were sponsored by Minerva. Viki has always been supportive of my project ideas.

The Outlander wedding project was sponsored by White Tree Fabrics.

Why am I telling you this? I’m now working with lace fabrics because there’s lots of inspiration from Bridgeton series. I’m not a costume expert, as you can tell from my previous makes.

What I will be doing is using different lace fabrics and seeing how I can adapt the fabric uses in Bridgeton costumes.

lace dress shell

Right now I’ve sewn a lace dress shell in a very bright green lace fabric. It’s quite Featherington.

Adding pockets

This dress has pockets in the side seams. I’ve used New Look 6000 as my dress basis.

The next step is the neckline. I’ll try for a low, round neckline on this version and use the lace edging on the hem (maybe) and on the cap sleeves (probably).

What are your thoughts about how this dress should be developed?

I’ve got 3 more lace fabrics to play with so they may become dresses or trans-seasonal tops. I’ve ordered a few blue lace fabrics that will be Lady Bridgerton inspired. Oh and I have a dark rust lace that will be Lady Danbury-ish.

If I can wear these in real life – brilliant. If I can’t – I’ll learn more about working with lace.

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