The Hunger Games

I love great activewear so this month I’ve made my version of the activewear worn in The Hunger Games for my Minerva Crafts project.

Here’s Katniss training for the Hunger Games. Judianna Makovsky was the designer for the first movie.  Lucas Hugh designed the training gear for the second movie which is on my future list of activewear but for now the picture above is what I’ve made.

Using great knits from Minerva Crafts, I used Kwik Sew 3567 for the top and Fehr Trade’s duathlons for the track pants.

The blue knit is soft and has good recovery, So does the red sparkly fabric. The cornflower colour knit is bonded so I originally wasn’t sure if this would work but having a bonded knit was an advantage to developing the sleeves and track pants.

I used the navy and cornflower fabrics for the track pants and added reflective tape. Here’s the flash view.

Here’s the no flash view.
The top base used the navy knit. It has a lovely feel to it.

However I changed the back bodice to use the red knit and some reflective tape.

Then I used my french curve ruler to mark out the sleeve design and you can see the pieces cut out with seam allowance and ready to sew.
Most of this outfit was sewn using the overlocker and I used the sewing machine to add the piping.

So here’s the front view using flash. I added reflective tape to the zipper.

And here’s how the back turned out. I don’t have a photo of the back view of the outfit Katniss wears so this is my interpretation… The red fabric has a shine to it so it made sense to put the reflective tape piping with this.

What’s great is I can use these pieces to train outside now that it’s Autumn in Australia.

These fabrics have such strength to them. I chose these fabric based on the colours on the Minerva Crafts website. They do a much better job of showing the colours on their website than I can.

I’ve still got fabric left to make a could more Autumn workout pieces. Now that it’s getting cooler in the mornings, I can use these pieces for outdoor training and still be seen. Thanks again Minerva Fabrics for letting me indulge a bit in films/books I love and my current pattern drafting binge.


  1. I can't help admiring your growing activewear collection! I love both pieces! Where do you get all this patience from? It would take me ages to work on design features 🙂 Tomorrow I am off to my parents', but once I am back I'd like to give it a try!


  2. I love those sleeves. They are better than the inspiration. You must have had so much fun making this, I know I would have. It looks fantastic.


  3. Another fab outfit Maria. RTW activewear is normally so boring (or so expensive if it is a bit different), but yours certainly isn't.


  4. Oh you are so incredibly clever!!! I love the “idea” of sewing active wear but the reality seems somewhat different. I have an aversion to working with knits. But if they came out looking like your pieces I may be convinced!


  5. Very cool and a great combination of fabrics, it's a nice way to have a bit of sparkle without being too crazy! I can see slicing and dicing patterns to create colourblocking being quite addictive!


  6. I love the way you think!! I've had in the back of my mind to make some activewear based on Hunger Games for quite awhile now. I've had my eye on the Catching Fire arena costume for inspiration as I love the lines and the “textures”. I just haven't been able to find a suitable fabric that evokes the right look yet. I wonder if Funkifabrics would be interested in doing a fabric with a chain mail motif….hmm. Now I might be inspired to try a little harder to find something suitable to sew for next fall's cycling!


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