Harriet bras

There are times during the week when I grab a bunch of notions and prep some projects into packs. Placing the lace exactly where I want it on the bra cup is super fun.

Prepping Harriet bra projects

A few Harriet bra projects were prepped last year and I took them on holidays with me in early March.

Prepped and packed in January 2022

The flooding that is happening in Queensland and New South Wales had us isolated in Northern NSW for 5 days.

Machine with bra project and instructions set up in a hotel room
Machine set up in our hotel room

In that time there was not internet and no ability to drive home because of the floods.

A second Harriet bra in progress on the desk in the hotel room
Harriet bra progress

I managed to get 1 bra sewn to completion during that stay and almost finished the second bra. I ran out of swimwear elastic so I couldn’t finish the watermelon colour bra.

The main thing we focussed on while we were away was how to get home, while surviving with resources running out because we were flooded in.

For these pieces, I’ve used fabrics and notions from my stash. You need a lot of notions for bras and I do understand why people don’t want to make bras when you can buy them cheaply in shops. I buy basic bras when I need to replace old ones.

What I want to wear is pretty undies and retail, these cost a pretty penny so I’m just fine to make my own pretty undies from time to time.

watermelon colour Harriet bra now with matching knickers. Watermelon lace used on the front of the knickers with raspberry colour knicker elastic used in raspberry pink knit fabric base.
coordinating knickers and bra

I enjoy the process of bringing together the pieces that I have for future bra sets. The knicker lining is fabric from an old soft tshirt. The knicker pattern I’ve used is Orange Lingerie Montgomery brief – it’s so comfy and yet so pretty too now.

I have a fuchsia pink set still prepped to be made one day this year. A project to look forward to under better circumstances.

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