Testing fun

Making test garments helped make my final Shift dress by The Avid Seamstress work and I had fun along the way.

From the line drawing of the Shift dress, there were a few issues I wanted to get right with my final dress. I wanted to make the most of the Italian embroidered lawn fabric from Minerva Crafts.

Always assume the hem is shortened.
The key changes were made on the paper paper to match my curves for the first test dress.
Test version 1: Cotton spot fabric
This version had the shortened skirt length, forward shoulder adjustment, waist and hip grading, shortened the bust darts.
The key improvements needed were at the back neckline, the back waist width and also at the front waist.
When I looked at the sleeves here, there is a bit of pulling above the bust. I’m also tugging on the side pocket so these pull marks are not a skirt problem.
Test dress 2: Lobster print cotton
This print has been in my stash for a long time and I felt the urge to use it for this test version.
The bodice is a much better fit with a few bust tweaks included.
The back of this dress is now a much better fit too. I raised the back neckline so that it sits were I need it to be.
The other adjustment was I added a couple of vertical darts under the bust so the front shaping is more flattering.
I now have 2 quirky dresses that I love wearing to work. 

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