Cersei inspired wrap coat

Did you see Cersei’s war-like costumes with awesome shoulder detailing at the end of Series 6 Game of Thrones? 

That’s why I made this wrap coat using chain detailing, New Look 6785 coat and dark purple brocade fabric.

A very regal coat kit from Minerva Crafts UK. 

I have used this fabric before in blue for a gorgeous hoodie last year in April.
I’m so glad this fabric is always available through Minerva Crafts.

I used the size 10 jacket and made sure it was the right length before I cut out the pieces.

But I took my time so I could get all the jacket pieces cut from the fabric I ordered.
Each coat piece was overlocked because this jacket is not lined. 

The collar and facings are interfaced and of course, this coat has shoulder pads.

The jacket came together really fast and that’s why I bought this pattern many moons ago. 

The fun part was working out the shoulder detailing.

 I used 8 lots of waxed thread to sew on the chain to each shoulder. 

It took a bit of work to make sure the chains were even on both shoulders.

I hand sewed the chain to the shoulders on Sunday and I used the shoulder pads as the guide.

This is a fairly easy wrap coat to make and wear so the chains that Vicki suggested really blend into the fabric.

From this picture you can see that I can still move my arms and the chains don’t restrict my movement. There’s no way I’d live Cersei’s life but I do admire her costumes.

Thanks Vicki for all your advice about what chains to use on this fabric. The chains worked so well with the fabric and the hand sewing was worth the effort.

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