Liesl & co tests

If you like wearing halter garments with a built in shelf bra, I can tell you Tribeca knit cami top and the Enmore halter dress and top by Liesl & Co have built in shelf bras in them.

Hooray. I was able to pattern test both of these patterns a while back and I can tell you that I wore them quite a bit during the part of our Summer that was hot and humid.

On a side note, in Sydney, we’re in the middle of a stack of rain bombs and our communities living in the Northern Rivers area have been struggling to rebuilt their lives with massive floods this season.

Tribeca knit cami top

I made 2 versions of this top. You know I tend to make 3 of every pattern and as this was a pattern test, I paid really close attention to the pattern instructions and pattern pieces. The fit was tweaked for a much better fit in the second version.

The first version above, uses a swimwear knit from my fabric stash. My thinking was that this might be a perfect top to wear to the beach with the possibility of it being a beach lounge top with swim shorts in the future.

The second version is a panel print. There was a bit of careful print placement on the front bodice. As the bra shelf is integral for this pattern, I used the plain black panel for the front shelf bra.

On the back, I’ve placed the plain black panel at the top and the print from the waist down.

Enmore halter dress and top

If you’re more confident sewing with woven fabrics, the Enmore halter dress gives you the dress and top options.

The pockets on the dress sit perfectly. I’ve sewn inseam pockets many times but these are designed to not gape. I really appreciate the thought that has gone into these dress detailing.

This black version uses a softer crepe fabric than my rose poplin version. They are both comfy to wear in the summer. This black version is kinda my little black dress version.

Yes. I wore these dresses weekly because of the weather and they were perfect.

Sewing wise, these are very simple patterns to construct. Overlocking the seams was my finishing technique for these dresses. The instructions are straightforward and very achievable. I hope this gives you an idea of a couple of new patterns that are very supportive to wear.

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