Purple pins – Vogue 1204

Purple Pins - could have been a sewing Marvel comic character. Sews like the speed of light.Bounds fabric stashes like a gazel. Can pinpoint vintage patterns with the skills of Nancy Drew.Scan the net for fashion forward trends.But Purple Pins wouldn't sell to their target audience - teenage boys. $16 later this humble piece of cotton drill became skinny leg jeans. I know you've seen the red pair, the … Continue reading Purple pins – Vogue 1204


Here's how armband #2 gets worn.Thanks for asking Andrea.I've used a b/w pic because no makeup gets worn to the gym (and just woken up hair). By the end of each morning session we're all very messy, out of puff but ready for a new day.Clothes sewingBTW, I do have some fashion sewing that I've pattern tested and have been waiting to … Continue reading IRL