Arm band #2

The first armband worked well but I couldn’t stop wondering “what if I made a woven version?” Would it work better? Would it be annoying when I have to run holding a car tyre?

Frankly, everything is annoying when you choose to run holding a car tyre at 6am in the morning.

The bag fits my iPhone with the antennae like a glove.
This armband took an hour to cut, fuse, insert zip, add velcro and testing after pondering about it for over a week. And I had to use fabric that would wash easy and not show dirt and grass stains, so there was no use using pretty colours or sheer lacey fabric.

Those alternative fabric choices wouldn’t have worked and I might have been asked by the group to go join to the pilates class down the hallway instead.

This back view shows how the bands have been attached. The velcro is sewn on.

I’ve used

  • Stash fabric leftover from walking shorts I made last year for a Singapore trip
  • a normal zip
  • stick on and sew velcro that I had leftover from making Oz tags for my youngest nephew and niece.

The fabric is a linen poly blend and it’s dark and slubby. It washes easily.

I store these running gadgets in this armband but keep both armband versions in my training bag.

The guys at the gyms asked what the armband was for (a new toy), so there’s a bit of interest now. I sure hope those guys can sew :))

This armband works just as well my Hyundai Excel version of Melissa’s armband, so I have 2 versions. They both work and I can alternate using them when I train.
My average beats per minute (BPM) during training has gone up and that’s a good thing.


  1. Hello Maria – I prefer version 2 of the armband, but I have to admit I would not ever do personal training with tyres at 6 in the morning (nor would I remember my phone if I did!) Very inventive pouch.


  2. What a great idea. I recently came home from my morning run and told my husband that I am going to have to take my phone wih me as I was almost hit by a crazy bicycle rider. My pants do not have pockets so thanks for a great idea.


  3. I'm impressed.
    I do my working out at 6pm, not 6am. And car tires are not involved.
    Tonight I did balletone (toning using ballet moves). I really enjoy that class.


  4. The armbands are probably your best bet since arms tend to pool sweat alot less than some other places on your body. When I worked at Apple, I can't tell you how many times joggers would bring their shuffle, ipod, iphone in that wasn't working because they put in their pants, bra, etc and then sweat all over it.


  5. I am so guilty of wearing the phone inside the pants waistband….
    Would love to see your phone armband on your arm. This is such a great idea! I always want my phone with me when I'm out with the dogs.
    Car tires in your workout? I'm impressed!


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