Melissa’s running arm band pocket

While the zip pockets have worked well at commando class, the iPhone jiggles around (a lot) and gets in my way when we have to do ab work. Our trainer checks my iPhone to see if my fitness is improving. Seriously, I don’t have an event that I’m training for.

Melinda kindly left me a comment and a link to Melissa‘s running armband pocket. Many thanks Melinda for reminding me of Melissa’s tutorial. Melissa uses this pocket to carry her gels when she’s training for marathons.

The finished arm band.

Well – I’m not the sharpest needle in the pack sand attempting the two piece version, with an SOS tweet to Melissa, I worked out an abridged version. I cut out one piece of fabric to hold my bicep, finished the edges and folded them with a top cover fold and sewed 1 inward seam tightly. 

The 3 stages (stooges) to make this armband.

After a short test run and a few burpees on the street (to the neighbours delight), the iPhone stayed put in this armband.

So while this isn’t Melissa’s Jeep Grand Cherokee version of a running arm band pocket, my Hyundai Excel version held my iPhone on my arm while we ran up and down 8 flights of stairs twice at 6am in the morning. No car tires this week. That’s right, I’m not training for an event and my average heart rate was up by 20beats per minute – yay!

I made 3 running arm bands and gave one to a friend and she loves using it.

At the races
On a different note, we went to a function at the races and we got to hang out in the winners circle on a warm, clear summer night. PS, don’t stand downwind of a frisky horse.
I finally got to wear Vogue 1208 bias dress with my Vogue 2390 jacket that I made at least 8 years ago but not reviewed. I’ll review it soon.

Standing in the winner’s circle with the horse nibbling my head in the background.

So while this bias dress didn’t get worn to the wedding last year, it has been worn – double yay!


  1. What a great idea with the armband for your I-Pod. I have been running with mine tucked in my bra strap..not very secure. I must make one of these immediately!


  2. They're great armbands aren't they! I have a bright blue and silver one made from dance lycra (spotlight) and it works brilliantly.

    I also made another one recently for my daughter's friends birthday. She was given a pushbike, so we gave her a purple/gold/pink/green armband with a pair of purple headphones to match!


  3. I made a couple of these when I went to stay with my daughter. Strangely, I couldn't find them on my return.
    Guess I have to make more. 🙂


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