What were you thinking??

Last year these Wonder Clips became an early Christmas presents for me last year and I’ve used them a lot.
I originally bought a 10 piece pack of Wonder Clips but I counted 6 in my pin tin. So I went online and bought a 50 piece pack. I eventually found the missing 4 clips but who’s going to keep track of 10 clips. That’s like only owning 10 pins.

On Craftsy Paul Gallo (Fashion Draping) is selling a similar but more attractive clip called Getta Grip Sewing Clips. I think I got the 50 piece pack of Wonder Clips for a steal on ebay even with the cost of postage.

Then Jenny at the Alexandria group made a top and she used a ruffler foot and ruffle was gorgeous so I decided that I need a ruffler foot. Not to sew for myself but to sew for the littlest niece – that’s my story. Well I have the foot but haven’t used it yet.
I also bought topstitiching needles and a wing tip needle. The topstitching needles have been used but not the wing tip needle. I might use the wing tip needle for a more open top stitich on collars and cuffs. That’s what I’m thinking for the next fitted blouse.


  1. Love my wonder clips too! I looked at your link to the Getta Grip Sewing clips and thought these look like clothespins! I am curious if the clothespins will work too….


  2. Ok. I'm curious! What do you use wonder clips for? I love sewing gadgets. In fact sometimes there is hardly room at my machine for me and my fabric with all the gadgets about.


  3. Hi Dashingmart.
    I can't see why clothing pegs wouldn't work. I've used paper clips and bulldog clips to sew with leather.
    Rebecca, I've used wonderclips to hold leather together for seing. I know it's another gadget but wonderclips have seam markings on them that help sew narrow seams.
    I hope this helps.


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