Fearless – draping

My final fearless challenge was to start draping.

So I’ve had a read of some of the chapters in this book and I thinking I’ll have to make a body double – wrapped in duct tape. The chapters on making pants or a jumpsuit were intriguing.

Version 3 of McCalls 2874, now gone to a better home.


Vogue 8503 – one of my first tries

Because pants are the bane of most sewers challenges from what I’ve experienced. It took me a good 4 months to get a pants pattern to fit correctly.

Burda 7746 worked for work

But a jumpsuit?
Jumpsuits are simply a shirt and pants in one piece, right?

So you can see deciding to conquer draping in February didn’t happen but ‘the wheels are in motion” (Sienfeld season 4, episode 17 Sienfeld to Babu).

So in the future once I’ve tried draping, the best outcome will be having a bit more knowledge to make clothes fit better because in real life, I don’t normally wear draped flowing chiffon gowns – but I’d love to.


  1. I think your pants look pretty good!! Fitting pants is the bane of my existence. Going to start muslin #5 of my thurlows in probably 2 weeks. Need to finish dress first and revisit fitting the renfrew.


  2. Pattern draping would definitely be a great skill to have and would make a difference in fitting garments well. Have fun exploring the journey of learning this new art… I think once you've got a good understanding of what's involved you really could get quite creative and adventurous with it too 🙂


  3. I made duct tape body double a few years back…I had my husband help me, and we had the most laughs! But I have always been glad to have it. It gets used every time I sew a garment and work on fit. Which brings me to the contest…I'm thinking about it….


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