Fitted blouse contest on PR

PR is running a fitted blouse contest that I’m managing from 1 – 31 March.

Contest Theme: Cut, sew, model and review a fitted blouse to showcase fitting skills.”

Pattern magic collar on Butterick 5538

So while there are some key elements your blouse needs to meet to qualify for this contest, if you already have a fitted blouse pattern in your stash that needs tweaking, consider making it in March.

Here’s a link to the fitting workshop I attended last year to get this blouse fitted right.

Pattern magic collar on Butterick 5538

As this contest runs from March 1 – 31, there’s more time to sew up your blouse than you would have had in February.

McCalls 5433 after tweaking it for size

There are 5 weekends in March to get your fitted blouse made.

Butterick 5328

These are a few of my fitted blouses that I prepared earlier. Does that sound cheesy enough?

Butterick 4985

Butterick 4985
Butterick 5328
One of the contest criteria is to provide a photo with you wearing the blouse to showcase your fitting skills, so my pictures showing the blouse on a dressmakers dummy would not qualify. As a manager I don’t qualify either but I do enjoy helping others sewers share their knowledge and extend their skills.

Convinced yet to sew a fitted blouse?


  1. Have fun managing this contest! Hmmm…I will think about joining. I really liked the last blouse I made, and it looks like you've added some fantastic new ones to your wardrobe as well!


  2. You have made some beautiful blouses. I will think about this as I have some fabric ordered for a blouse. Thanks for the information, thanks for supervising the contest.


  3. Hi Maria, Well, how can I resist – I do need a new fitted shirt so I guess I may as well get on with it. Is it okay to do a wrap fitted shirt – I've always wanted to make one, so this might be the time. Sarah


  4. Ooh! Sewing a fitted button up blouse is one of the things I want to tackle this year. But I was waiting until the winter time… It's still warm and I want to sew for that! I'm seriously tempted though… you've got some lovely versions here. I especially like your green blouse 🙂


  5. They all look great! I particularly like the Pattern Magic collar versions. I have a few other things in the queue so will be cheering from the sidelines on this one…


  6. Wow, Maria, you seem to be the perfect manager for this contest! All those lovely shirts!

    It's a good point about the extra weekend in March. I don't think the extra days make a difference but the weekend might!


  7. I made a duct tape dummy a few years ago with the help of my husband. we had a lot of laughs in the process, but I have used that every time I make a garment to help work out fit. WHICH brings me to the contest…been thinking about it. Your fitted blouse collection is awesome!
    (forgive me if this is a repeat comment…I may have already posted it!)


  8. Fitted blouses are certainly appealing (and not in the crazy flickr stalker way, ugh). I've made a few, but not “fitted, fitted”. Maybe I'll add one to my pattern stash constest entries (:


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