Here’s how armband #2 gets worn.Thanks for asking Andrea.

I’ve used a b/w pic because no makeup gets worn to the gym (and just woken up hair). By the end of each morning session we’re all very messy, out of puff but ready for a new day.

Clothes sewing
BTW, I do have some fashion sewing that I’ve pattern tested and have been waiting to show you but I’m waiting to be given the ‘green light’.

So in the meantime, I’ll get back to making a few more work pieces for the change in seasons and cracking the books because I have a bit of study to do this year. What’s life without a bit of variety 🙂
It’s all good.


  1. That looks a very handy pouch useful also outside a gym. Like the garden, or even around the house for those of us that can never remember where we left the phone (not me, of course!)


  2. Wow. Your just woken up hair looks really different to my just woken up hair;) I think the armband is a great idea. I succumbed to buying one from one of those pop up stores. It is still pristine on account of all the exercise I don't do.


  3. What a great idea to make your own – glad to hear it worked out well. I've just started to add the occasional run to my fitness routine but couldn't face coughing up the big $$ the fitness stores charge for arm bands so I've had to run sans music. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  4. You look fine first thing! But the B&W photo still made me smile – reminded me of advice I was given when I was pregnant that B&W photos would be more flattering after labour! Unfortunately we forgot about that…


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