Lily skirt – no surprises

Lena wore her Lily skirt at the Sydney Sewer Social and when she asked me to test this pattern I said Yes! Check out Lena’s Lily skirt post. I know some of you are testing this skirt too.

Here’s my first Lily using tulips. I love this Spring print.

Putting the pattern pieces together was easy to assemble.

I don’t have lots of floor space so I assembled the first few rows; cut out those pattern pieces; and then assembled the last few rows. The pages are numbered so the pattern pieces came together within an hour.

After I put the pieces together these ‘reference’ pieces were used to trace off my size. I might make Lily up for a few others in the family. It’s happened before.

Initial adjustments: Shortened the hip depth and then took 6cm off the hem. The lining is meant to be 7cm above the skirt hem but I’ve kept it about the same because I wanted to wear this skirt to work.

Technical stuff:
The zip area is reinforced with interfacing.  I’ve also used steam a seam lite 2 to finish the hem. Twill tape is used at the waist and you can see it so I’ll use fusible tape on the next skirt. French seams are used on this poly georgette for most of the skirt and lining. The lining is Sunsilky.

Final adjustments:

Lowered the front waist by 1.5cm.
Remove 0.5cm off the side seams at the waistline.
I’d love to make another Lily. I’ve worn this to work and I felt comfortable/safe wearing it to cross the road on a windy summer’s morning. And I felt pretty too.
Armband rough instructions
Thank you for your supportive comments about my armband. I felt pretty silly posting it up but I’ve found it works and I hope you can improve upon what I’ve done. The rough instructions to make your own version is on the armband post.


  1. Thank you for sewing Lily 🙂 I see what you mean about making the lining as long as the main layer – I would have done the same. Love this length on you, too 🙂


  2. I love how your Lily skirt came out and it looks gorgeous on you! I can't wait to sew mine… I've cut out all the pattern pieces and I'm ready to start cutting out my fabric and making her over the weekend. I'm thinking I might add a little extra length as I don't have the best legs and like to cover up a little more. I think the shorter length on you looks perfect 🙂


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