A Cherrypix post

Anne loves all things black and white. Well, in “Fashion and styling”, Bill Cunningham from NY Times did a review of the chicest fashionistas recently and while I was losing interest in a weekend project I made this b/w print for a pick me up.
This Tessutis remnant black and white ponte print ($11.60) bought at the November Sydney Sewer meet up and an old TNT t-shirt pattern gave me the “I really can sew” pick me up I needed.

Not too sure about this print or shoes – but I keep smiling.

I extended this pattern from waist to my knees with ample tush room for a dress version. With a bit of fold over elastic on the neckline, a centre back dart and coverpro hems this quick knit dress was finished.

Side shot – the shoes look better. Still thinking about this print.

By the time I finished the dress, I had thought of a resolution to my shirt lining issue. I cut out a neckline piece and added this to lining.

Ok – so the print is ok and the shoes are too.

BurdaStyle and TJ
Congratulations to TJ of The perfect nose for her great feature story on BurdaStyle this week.


  1. Hello Maria – I always wonder about prints as well, but the colours in this print suit you, it fits nicely, and I think with a certain toss of the head you could carry the dress off very well!


  2. I do love black and white as well. I frequently feel sad when the colours end up running, but I am drawn like a moth to light. Navy and white come a close second.

    Anyway, the dress looks fabulous on you 🙂


  3. Swoon! Bold b+w ponte stylish dress with red shoes! Bill will be in contact shortly, re including you in the sequel to that clip!! Love both the dress and the link…definitely 'me' 🙂


  4. Did the NY Times link to your new black and white dress? (:

    I like freshness of black and white and, of course, the print goes well with the simplicity of the elongated t-shirt.


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