A Cherrypix post

Anne loves all things black and white. Well, in “Fashion and styling”, Bill Cunningham from NY Times did a review of the chicest fashionistas recently and while I was losing interest in a weekend project I made this b/w print for a pick me up.
This Tessutis remnant black and white ponte print ($11.60) bought at the November Sydney Sewer meet up and an old TNT t-shirt pattern gave me the “I really can sew” pick me up I needed.

Not too sure about this print or shoes – but I keep smiling.

I extended this pattern from waist to my knees with ample tush room for a dress version. With a bit of fold over elastic on the neckline, a centre back dart and coverpro hems this quick knit dress was finished.

Side shot – the shoes look better. Still thinking about this print.

By the time I finished the dress, I had thought of a resolution to my shirt lining issue. I cut out a neckline piece and added this to lining.

Ok – so the print is ok and the shoes are too.

BurdaStyle and TJ
Congratulations to TJ of The perfect nose for her great feature story on BurdaStyle this week.

UFO – Butterick 5676

This UFO was cut out in our winter and now it’s summer.

I like the design lines of this dress and after seeing other bloggers use a similar style with a lighter colour, I chose this dark colour for my first ponte dress.
I love doing jigsaw puzzles and sewing this dress together was just like a working on a jigsaw. It’s all straight sewing. If you’re not an accurate sewer (and I’m one of them) here are a couple of things that will help you along.
  1. Butterick suggest you sew the neck band onto the dress as a whole piece. I’m not good at sewing sharp corners so I changed the construction step. I suggest you sew on the neckbands the same way you sew together the side front pieces and back piece before you attach front to back at the shoulder seams. I found it easier to face the neckline and get a good v-neckline point. You can tell I have no future as a quilter.
  2. Topstitch using a matching thread colour to the fabric if you’re not an accurate sewer. I fall into this category so you can see the topstiching but you won’t notice the stitching width unless you look real close.
  3. Ditch the zipper. This is a ponte fabric so take advantage of the spandex in the fabric. Keep the zipper if you want a more fitted look.
  4. Attached the sleeve wrist bands to the sleeve before you attach the sleeve to the dress
  5. Sew the sleeve in flat to the dress before you sew the side seam.
  6. Sew the dress and sleeve side seams up last so you can match the seaming.
  7. Sew a winter dress in winter and not in summer. Or make up the summer version straight away, which I did and it took 3 hours to cut and sew.

I did a roll shoulder adjustment, sway back adjustment, slimmed the sleeve on the winter version by 2 cm, made the 10 size. I ironed this after I finished sewing it so that the fabric didn’t stretch or become shinny from over pressing. And it’s been hot here this week so that’s another reason why I shied away from the iron.

So this pattern now goes into the ‘love it’ pattern pile.

Kristy of Loweryourpresserfoot has just made a lovely striped ponte Burda dress.
Anne of Cherrypix:Sewing pix has also made her Holy batwings party dress in ponte and a fabulous print.

Pattern Magic:
Thank you for your comments about my Pattern Magic patterns. Doing the patterns has been a fun process with a few sewers around and a tutor (Angie) on hand. I’ll be keeping my hand at these patterns and reading what other sewing bloggers are working on.

The material lady has just completed a Pattern Magic workshop at Morley College. I wish we had one in Sydney too!

Too tight – V1020

So after making the top View B, at ASG in September I thought it would be cool to see how the dress version would work out. I decided to use a green brown poly cotton print to deal with the close fit and my bumps/curves.


This is the photo used on the pattern.
Maybe with some photoshop work – nah.

So I did the roll shoulder adjustment, lowered the front neckline (really), added some butt room and still had to add a side piece for comfort.

Yes. Too tight. So I’ve learnt a few lessons here. The main one is don’t glue dresses on when you’re not 20 anymore 🙂

By the way, thank you to Aroura from PR review for helping me with my lack of photo linking knowledge. You’re a real gem.

24/10/2010 – I’ve now added a 5cm piece down the side with the zipper and it fits, without looking like it’s been spray painted on. 🙂 I’m happy with it now.