Here’s how armband #2 gets worn.Thanks for asking Andrea.

I’ve used a b/w pic because no makeup gets worn to the gym (and just woken up hair). By the end of each morning session we’re all very messy, out of puff but ready for a new day.

Clothes sewing
BTW, I do have some fashion sewing that I’ve pattern tested and have been waiting to show you but I’m waiting to be given the ‘green light’.

So in the meantime, I’ll get back to making a few more work pieces for the change in seasons and cracking the books because I have a bit of study to do this year. What’s life without a bit of variety 🙂
It’s all good.

Study break and ufos

How do you fit in study when you sew and go train? It’s not possible. We’ll it hasn’t been possible for me so I’ve had to down tools for three weeks to get some study out of the way (Diploma in Management). This has meant no sewing since 28 August and no training during the week. I have been able to fit in a bike ride on Saturday and Sunday mornings but I’m back by 8.30am. DH has been taking up the housework and my aim is to get through this by the end of September.

I haven’t been able to sew with my sewing buddies at all – ‘not happy Jan‘. I’ve missed two ASG Saturdays and I missed the all-day session with Connie Crawford. I’m missing self stitched September too – still not happy.
Below are my UFOs. The two pants need adjusting at the waist, that’s why you can see an unpicked waistband on the grey pair.

The top below is finished but I want to profile it with my green gear so there’s a skirt in the wings or I can wear this with my green pants. I’ve based this zip top on Kwik Sew 1997 and I’ve insert the zip because I wanted the zip feature. It’s not a feature on the pattern. 

Below is my toile Jalie skort. I’ve used stash fabric that I used on a rashie vest last year. Again I’ll profile this once I get some time and a top that works with it. I’m also finding it’s a bit cold for me to wear this and there’s no way I’ll have a tan when I do review it. I’m using my new coverpro on this skort to learn the basics and that’s also on hold until I get this study done.

Of the five modules I have to plough through I’ve managed to finish three and I hope to finish the 4th one by tomorrow night. Then there’s only one more module to get through and I’ll be back in the land of the living. Thanks for the blog break.