Spring shirtdress – McCalls 5433

This print fabric has strong colours and reminded me of the orchids in Singapore. I bought the fabric locally and it was the first shirt dress I made this month, before the vintage military dress.

This blue work version made earlier is worn to work (a lot) so I had to make it again. The original plan was to simply make just the shirt.

Well, I ended up making this floral dress instead. What can I say. My planning skills are fluid.

This little floral number was lined with stash fabric and because the lining peeks through at the collar, I added a super quick facing from leftover floral fabric.


The close up shot below shows a hint of flowers on the inside at the neckline. The last minute facing worked. Every seam is either french seamed or self-made bias bound. And I added the purple bias for colour and a vertical line. We petites know why.
Notice the cap sleeves. This sleeve pattern was traced from Butterick 5328. When I originally used this cap sleeve, it was tight so I widened it by 2.5cm for more movement.
Here’s a ‘lean against the wall’ shot. The cap sleeve does peek over my shoulders – just as I wanted. It’s really cool to wear on hot days.

And the ‘yes it covers my caboose’ shot – not flattering. Back to the gym I go.

There is a shirt version in this fabric but I’m working on the deep purple skinny jeans to go with it. That might sound like tos much colour but you can let me know when I show you the final ensemble.


  1. Hi Maria – I know just what you mean by fluid plans! I do like this dress, and the finishing and attention to detail is fantastic – as is your clever solution to the peeping lining – it's always good to have a creative solution to such problems.


  2. “Every seam is either french seamed or self-made bias bound.” I salute you on that! WOW, that is a lot of work.

    I don't know what you're talking about, your caboose looks just fine to me!


  3. I really like that fabric on you. I think the ribbon is a great touch. I will pinch that idea-thanks. I also think purple jeans will look great with the colouring of that fabric. Did you use a different pattern for the shirt or did you just shorten the shirtdress pattern?


  4. Rebecca, I've used the same pattern for the shirt and the dress. The pattern has the extension on it so it's very versatile.
    Happy for you and anyone else to borrow anything I've done for your benefit. I'm happy to share.
    Ruth, Sewing stops me from snacking in front of the TV. And I get a nice collection out of it too.


  5. Your finishing is impeccable, not only is that trim just perfect but to go to that extra step of binding or french seams for the internal seams that no one will see is just dedication pure and simple. I'm so lazy I just overlock everything…..


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