Spring shirt – McCalls 5433

This blouse is sitting on top of its sister shirt dress.
Most of my tops are knits and now I’ve gone back to making blouses using wovens and adding sewing techniques I’ve learnt y’all in the online sewing community and Peggy Sagers webcasts. She’s been doing free sewing webcast since December 2010 and I sew my collars using her method.
I still wear my green skinny jeans a lot.

This blouse has cap sleeves from Butterick 5328 but they were widened to sit out from my shoulders.

Butterick 5328 cap sleeve version

The cap sleeves on this blouse was tight fitting but not anymore. I’ve used french seam finishes and bias binding on the sleeve seams.

‘How do you do’ pose.

Did I tell you this fabric has a 2-way print? There was a two-way arrow sticker on the fabric and I couldn’t tell which was the right way on this print no matter which way I looked the fabric.

The nice thing about this pattern is that it has the dress extension on the main pattern pieces so you don’t have to cut out two bodices for the dress and the shirt versions. Thanks for asking the question Rebecca. I’m flattered when I see others pick up ideas that I’ve used. I pick up ideas from sewing bloggers all the time.

Resisting fairy floss at the Easter Show.

You should see all the great fitted blouse entries on Pattern Review! This is the final week of the contest that I’m managing. The contest closes on 31 March.

This view convinced me that I need to shorten the blouse and I have. See below. I took it up by 3cm.

I’ve now entered this blouse into Faye’s 2013 essential top sew along.

The story about these Purple Pins is to come…


  1. The shirt looks FANTASTIC with those last trousers. I love that colour combination. They look blue on my ipad screen but you are calling them purple so my screen colours must be a bit off. I don't make woven shirts very often because they seem to restrict my movement and I wave my arms around a lot when I am talking and teaching. Maybe it's just bad fitting though. I like Peggy Sagers videos as well but a lot of them don't seem to like the iPad. Have you found that?


  2. Your dress had a baby and it is lovely. Great pants too. Loving the purple ones – blouse looks great with both pairs. I must check out these videos.


  3. I concur with the others -very pretty and lovely shade of pink = not too bright . I must check out the woven shirts contest. I have just finally finished one myself after almost a month.


  4. I love this blouse! As BeaJay said, it looks great with both pairs of pants. Love that sleeve.
    I keep hearing (reading) great things about the Peggy Sagers videos but the ones I've tried, she just seems to be talking on and on about things other than sewing – obviously I'm accessing the wrong ones.


  5. Your shirt is awesome, and both outfits look great, but I am especially in love with the purple trousers.
    I was wondering why the dress and the shirt were Spring, but is it for Faye's sew-a-long? I was thinking more last-dress/shirt- of not exactly summer anymore myself….

    I have an Easter Sunday project planned that might squeak me under the wire for the PR contest. I hope it fits first time around!


  6. What a pretty blouse and it looks great on you. Loving the fabric, the print, and the colours. You sure have been a busy with so many wonderful sewing projects 🙂


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