Jungle wrap up – Simplicity 2603

Thanks Pretty Grievances for hosting Jungle January.

My safari suit is now at the cleaners and I will move onto using lace fabrics. Is anyone hosting a month of lace sewing? Although I’ve just cut out a new Minoru using PUL fabric because we’ve had the wildest summer safari weather.

And I now have a jungle wrap. No changes to this wrap pattern since I first made it up in the maroon version. The navy and brown versions are worn a lot to work because of the air con. This jungle net fabric from the Spotlight clearance table. 

It’s been an amazing safari through my fabric stash. What does it say about your personality when you have so much animal print in it but don’t make it up? Yes, I’ve been too chicken to try incorporating animal prints but now I can wear it without making the wrong statement.

As much as I loved the Sopranos series, that’s not the look I’m going for with jungle prints.
Not disrespect T.
Thanks for your comments on the vintage wrap. I think I’ll be brave and wear it at the beach too.

Vintage jungle wrap – Butterick 4699

In honour of the fabulous Ann (note the mickey mouse straw hat), I’ve created this little wrap and it’s now my summer bathrobe because it’s sheer and breezy.

Where’s the dry martini on the tropical resort when you need one?

Butterick 4699 (vintage) was in the pattern pyramid pile that I received last year, and I passed it onto the wonderful The Material Lady. The pattern envelope illustrates how a lady can wear this most fashionable 1960’s wrap dress. I’m assuming she has a full length slip on underneath:)

This close up kinda shows you the front-folded version with the tie made from the same fabric. I used french seams and fine double-rolled hems throughout this sheer dress/bathrobe.

This is a test dress because the arm holes are very long/wide as is the dress width but then I’m using a light weight sheer fabric. I’ve taken 4″ off the length.

Below is the Summer Spark version sewn by Rhinestones and Telephones. Her version is fitted and fab. So you can see I need to work on this pattern a bit more to get such a gorgeous fit. Bodice darts will be added to get such a wonderful fit.

Did I say this dress/bathrobe was sheer?

So now I’ve completed 1 giveaway piece from Ann last year. Thanks again Ann.

Glad rags- Butterick 5608

This fabric was a Pitt Trading silk remnant. It’s very smooth, light weight and soft so the tiger that left its spots on this fabric has great taste in textiles. Again this was a designer remnant.

I loved the feel of this remnant and it’s been great to wear while trekking though the Jungle January heat. This style has enough structure at the neckline without sticking to you. The soft gathers on the sleeves are the other favourite feature (View D). I did a second version with the table runner fabric but it’s now a wadder. The round neckline seemed higher and tighter and the sleeves kept pulling so I think the trick with this top is to use a fine fabric.

There are darts at the back but this is a basic pull-over top. Truly – it’s a pull-on top.

Below you’ll see why I called this post is called glad rags.
DH and I went to the shire and met up with some friends at their local RSL, where you put on your glad rags for ‘tea’. If you go to the Engadine RSL only ask for the large serve if you haven’t eaten for a week. Oh, and I got to wear my Minoru. I have all the notions to make another Minoru jacket soon.
Carolyn, HTH means happy to help. I should have mentioned this when I posted it. It could mean a few other things. Does it?
Redsilvia, I have another knit dress that I can borrow the collar from for another version of Burda 7828. That’s what happens when you have an overflowing pattern library:)

Meryl Streep – Burda 7828

An Out of Africa dress if every there was one.

So why not make a version for Jungle January?

I’m sure this fabric was a Spotlight special and as has good two-way stretch makes it sit quiet nicely so I can lounge around sipping ice tea in the 40C heat we’ve been having. Very tropical indeed.

The other nice thing about this dress was it took 3 hours to make from making the initial paper adjustments to finishing off the sleeves. Meryl would have had her servants whip this up for her over lunch for high tea, I’m sure.
And the nice part for moi, is I can make this dress up for between seasons as a top with 3/4 sleeves or try the dress with 3/4 sleeves.
Technical changes:
Roll shoulder adjustment – 1.5 cm added to the back shoulder line and the same amount removed from the front shoulder line.
Shortened the hem at the hip adjustment line by 8cm – I’m short.
Removed 2 cm tuck at the neckline so it doesn’t gape open.
I’ll make the tie pieces slimmer next time.
Verdict: Two thumbs up
from Marina Sleep’s blog
Thank you:
Thank you for your comments throughout Jungle January. There are a couple more pieces up my sleeve.
The Tour Down Under post was to give you something different to read about while I’m on this jungle safari. Jungle prints really are just everywhere.
Last week I realised how much I enjoyed helping other ‘sewers’ out in real life as well as online. Both ladies aren’t part of a sewing group and they’re both talented sewers but they just needed a hand or someone to bounce off their ideas off. HTH.
The images on this post remain the property of their owners.

Tour down under 2013

This week I’ve spent quality time getting my cycling fix..

I managed to watch the pre Tour down under stage race on the east side on the Sunday night.

The weather was warm and dry and I checked out the tour support teams too.

I got very close to the packs.

This is the behind the scenes ‘nosy’ around the support crews.

For the Twi-hards, ‘Edward’ is in town too.

I was able to visit DK Fabrics during the week. DK’s an absolutely huge shop for a sane sewer to endure without help from a friend. There were more jungle prints than you could point your bow and arrow at.
But I did take a sewing friend and now she has the matching zipper and fold over binding for her crotchet fabric to make a casual jacket. I have enabled a fellow sewer. My job here is done 🙂

Oh, and another friend asked me to toile check a pattern (New Look 6457) for her DD while I was here and I did. Her Mum now has a basic dress bodice that fits her DD and can sew up a dress for without needing to test fit her DD in person.
Now that does make this telecommuting or virtual sewing or enabling a family?

Jungle pants – Butterick 6837

I was amazed that I found yet another jungle remnant in the stash – a snake skin print.

I’ve used Butterick 6837 because these pants are light, flowy and great for humid, mozzie infested jungle conditions.
 Remember- it’s still Jungle January. Jungle on.

The waistband has a 32mm elastic and the seams are simply overlocked. I’ve made the small size and adjusted the back crotch curve for my ‘behind.‘ These pants have been excellent for air travel too.

MyHung fabrics had an interesting eyelet fabric and I decided to make this fabric into these pants too. The fabric is 90cm wide with a lovely edging on both sides of the fabric.

This time I trimmed back the inside seam to slim back the leg width without looking too out of proportion.

I’ve also lined them from the waist to the knees because the eyelets on this fabric are huge – nothing to see here🙂

Now to make a peplum top in a solid colour (no print) to wear with both of these pants.

I’m trying to edit back the jungle prints to avoid looking like Adriana from The Sopranos. Adriana was way taller and she had nails as long as any lioness.

Dilemma: What does a girl do when the jungle prints run out?

Jungle cami – Butterick 4989

There were still more jungle print remnants in my fabric stash. +TJ, the ‘tiger print’ you mentioned is still in the fabric pile.

So Butterick 4989 has a camisole pattern for wovens that I used for this blue print. I intend to wear this jungle cami under a top and not as the feature piece.

My lion knit dress took a bit of guts to wear on the weekend. So this piece will be a hint of jungle when I need to wear a cami. I’ve positioned the straps closer to the centre back so the straps don’t slip off my shoulders. The straps are 5cm shorter than the pattern piece.

I’ve made the small, with tiny french seams and tiny hems. I’ve shortened the bust darts by 2.5cm. The blue trim was in my stash. This took cami about 2 hours to cut and sew.
The fit is good so I think this cami could easily be extended to above knee length for a slip. Again this was a remnant rayon woven from Pitt Trading and I think this is a Cue remnant.
I was very chuffed when Anne of Pretty Grievances referred to my jungle sewing as Meryl Streep this week. I’m loving this challenge.
Below is the same cami cut on the bias using a cotton voile.
The fit is the same but it feels more relaxed to me.
Someone’s table is missing a table runner ’cause I restyled it into this cami.
I couldn’t resist the hand painting on the silk and the lovely cotton border.
I bought this table runner at Vinnies near The Fabric Store in Sydney. I’ve got enough left to use some in a blouse. Now to figure out how to work these into my work and weekend wear.
Where’s Velo?
Yesterday I was mentioned on Pretty Grievances for Jungle January, The Sewing Space for her debut pattern (Yalta) with our fellow pattern testers and Vacuuming the lawn – Kyle has boundless enthusiasm for sewing. Thank you all for doing this. I love to sew and I’m glad I could contribute to your blogs.