A break – The Perfect Nose

Rail trail adventure:
DH decided we would skip town and go ‘outback’ and ride a rail trail for 4 days after Christmas. The end of this trip would also include a few days in Melbourne, so no sewing from this little blogger during the Christmas New Year break.

There was a fair bit of cycling ie wearing lycra, sunscreen, insect repellent, pumping up tyres, replacing tyre blow outs (yes, I can change a tyre), sharing the trail with bounding kangaroos, blue tongue lizards, goannas, echidnas and hearing a snake in the leaves.

DH cycling down hill at Nowa Nowa.

The sound of snakes in the leaves makes us both pedal faster.  Did I tell you on Day 1 of the ride a bug stung me on the eyebrow while cycling and I now know what I’d look like if I used botox – he he.

A girl’s cycle wardrobe

My back tyre blew out twice even though we used a $5 bill to line the tyre. The $5 bill held out for 2km. So we did bush walk for 5kms and cycled 170km in total. I managed to buy fabric at Nowa Nowa and Orbost.

Seeing friends:
Then DH and I spent a few days in Melbourne and I fabric shopped with TJ of ThePerfectNose and was fabric enabled by our PR peers. TJ is an awesome sewer and we had lots to share. Here’s her review of the day. I have some goodies that TJ gave me that I’ll share with you soon.

Getting around Melbourne for fabric was even more exciting because the PR downunder peers were telling me where else I should search for fabric while I was on my fabric hunt. Thanks Sue, Lynny, JenleeC. Yes Alison, I still have some fabric from our 2010 visit to make up but the memories of these visits will come flooding back when I eventually make up these fabrics and use the notions from Jimmy’s buttons.

Two bags of fabric from Darn Cheap Fabric.

DH and I also met up with some dear friends and catching up with friends is really all I want to do when we travel. 

Rooftop Cinema in Melbourne

We saw the movie Bernie on a 30C night. Jack Black was amazing in this movie.

Gallery of Victoria – Taking a break from the heat in aircon.

You can’t make up for lost time when it’s been 10 years since you last met with your friends but there’s a real case for making sure you travel. Life’s too short. I think I’ll use Skype more often so that travel isn’t the only way to keep in touch in the future.


  1. Oh snakes, no way. Now did you camp or where did you stay for the 4 days, I'm curious and did you ride on the bridge?

    Some lovely goodies in those bags and so glad you caught up with friends.


  2. Your cycling trip sounds like a dream. And I'm amused you found a chance to fabric (:

    I cycled over a snake once (a copperhead, which is venomous) at dusk on a bike trail. It was stretched across the path. The scarier part was that I was towing a bike trailer (with 2 kids in it), which also went over the snake.


  3. So nice to catch up with friends, and it is always wonderful to get out in the fresh air outdoors and away from all the hustle and bustle 🙂 I'm impressed that you can change a tyre!!


  4. OMG the lycra, the bug bites, the fabric-so much excitement! Those wilderness pictures are lovely – what an adventure! It was awesome finally meeting you in real life-such a treat!


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