A break – The Perfect Nose

Rail trail adventure:
DH decided we would skip town and go ‘outback’ and ride a rail trail for 4 days after Christmas. The end of this trip would also include a few days in Melbourne, so no sewing from this little blogger during the Christmas New Year break.

There was a fair bit of cycling ie wearing lycra, sunscreen, insect repellent, pumping up tyres, replacing tyre blow outs (yes, I can change a tyre), sharing the trail with bounding kangaroos, blue tongue lizards, goannas, echidnas and hearing a snake in the leaves.

DH cycling down hill at Nowa Nowa.

The sound of snakes in the leaves makes us both pedal faster.  Did I tell you on Day 1 of the ride a bug stung me on the eyebrow while cycling and I now know what I’d look like if I used botox – he he.

A girl’s cycle wardrobe

My back tyre blew out twice even though we used a $5 bill to line the tyre. The $5 bill held out for 2km. So we did bush walk for 5kms and cycled 170km in total. I managed to buy fabric at Nowa Nowa and Orbost.

Seeing friends:
Then DH and I spent a few days in Melbourne and I fabric shopped with TJ of ThePerfectNose and was fabric enabled by our PR peers. TJ is an awesome sewer and we had lots to share. Here’s her review of the day. I have some goodies that TJ gave me that I’ll share with you soon.

Getting around Melbourne for fabric was even more exciting because the PR downunder peers were telling me where else I should search for fabric while I was on my fabric hunt. Thanks Sue, Lynny, JenleeC. Yes Alison, I still have some fabric from our 2010 visit to make up but the memories of these visits will come flooding back when I eventually make up these fabrics and use the notions from Jimmy’s buttons.

Two bags of fabric from Darn Cheap Fabric.

DH and I also met up with some dear friends and catching up with friends is really all I want to do when we travel. 

Rooftop Cinema in Melbourne

We saw the movie Bernie on a 30C night. Jack Black was amazing in this movie.

Gallery of Victoria – Taking a break from the heat in aircon.

You can’t make up for lost time when it’s been 10 years since you last met with your friends but there’s a real case for making sure you travel. Life’s too short. I think I’ll use Skype more often so that travel isn’t the only way to keep in touch in the future.

Toile – m5464

It’s taken me this long to start using this pattern. I say that because the pattern is now an out of print pattern on the McCalls website. I bought this pattern because it’s a handy style for any occassion. With the right fabric, this is a good shape to then take it in a new direction. I like the princess style darts in this style. They’re in both the front and back of the dress.
As a sewer, not only are you attracted to fabric, fabric also comes to you in many forms. This is a toile and the fabric was given to me last year when I had to wear an asian inspired outfit at my husband Christmas party. I ended up making a skirt and top in a green fabric instead. I wasn’t too sure how to wear this fabric as it is kind of asian looking. I have 6 metres of this fabric to play with.
This is a toile, so this fabric isn’t what I would normally buy or pick for my colouring. While the pattern has been sitting on my desk for 8 months, I’ve lost the back neck facing for the sleeveless version. If you look closely, I’ve put a fushia bias tape around the neck and armhole edges. I bought the bias tape from the fabric shop in Burwood Plaza. I didn’t take a sample of the fabric with me, I was just drawn to the colour and width of the bias tape.

This view shows you how the selvedge has a plain 10 cm border and the rest of the fabric is embroidered. The weather has been hot 35 – 40C so sewing in the air con has been delightful. It’s the only thing I can do without melting.

On the technical side of this dress, I’ve used an invisible zip, bias fushia tape on the neck and arm edges, pink trim to balance the colour. I’ll use the remaining fushia tape to finish the dress hem on the inside and put a vent in the lower side seams.

I was frightened by the 2kg I’ve put while I was on holidays, so I didn’t put in the back darts. Once I had basted the dress together, I sewed the back darts into the dress. I’ll put the changes onto the pattern and try this again with the denim that’s maturing in my stash from our Melbourne fabric shopping trip.

Project runway for Christmas – McCalls 9356 and Butterick 3386.

Every year, I try to make something that fits the Christmas party theme for my husband’s work do. This year is the last year at his current workplace because he’s moving on next March. The party is on Saturday night and it’s always a big event.
This year’s theme is oriental and as much as I would like to have worn a fitted slim-line dress, I have too many curves to ‘make it work.’ So I chose a two-piece outfit in a non-traditional colour. I’ve made the top and skirt before so the main challenge was sewing this up fast enough before the fabric frayed away. It’s rayon and I bought it from my favourite place, Pitt Trading at San Souci on Thusday night for $10/metre.
My plan was to sew this yesterday but life got in the way – shopping, buying zippers and then last minute family requests just stole my day. I cut the skirt right front the wrong way so I also drove back to Pitt Trading and bought another metre. By the time I got to sit down it was 9pm, so Saturday came and went quickly.
This morning I woke up and went for a 30km bike ride to get rid of my excess energy and after breakfast I got into it. So what you see is a very overlocked outfit sewn today. I’ll play with it during the week just to get the fit right. The last time I made this skirt up was five years ago and I took some bulk out of the tummy area. I didn’t use the extra metre so I might try another top, just for fun.