Yalta by Lena Merrin

In early January Lena Merrin  of the sewing space sent out a request for 10 pattern testers. I registered and joined 9 other sewers to test her new pattern – Yalta ladies pattern by Lena Merrin Patterns.
While the Jungle January safari continues,
I hunted through my fabric stash and struck down a Charlie Brown remnant piece I bought at Pitt Trading and made this version. Meryl Streep (out of Africa) wasn’t a real fabric hunter but I am.
While Lena’s pattern is designed for knits, the grainline goes across the body, so I caught another chiffon print and made a woven jungle version. My curiousity said, why not try it? It’s only fabric.

I love this style because it’s comfortable in our stinking hot summer weather.
I’ve never used a downloadable pdf pattern so here’s what my pattern pieces look like.

So I shortened the length and took 1.5cm off the shoulder seam. I cut and sewed this blue version in 2 hours. Here’s Mum’s larger version but still the same length I’ve made for her birthday. I also want to make a skirt for her too.

Warning: Jungle January is addictive. More jungle pieces are building a health safari collection. I just love the Meryl Streep reference Anne.
PS: I’ve posted more trench coat references on the right hand column.


  1. These are awesome-I think the blue one is my favourite! And good on you making one for your mum.

    I too enjoy making woven patterns out of jersey and vice versa-it makes for interesting effects when the draping qualities of the materials differ somewhat from the original.


  2. This pattern looks fantastic and so do your versions of it… love the Jungle January prints too! I think this will be a pattern I'll be adding to my collection as well. How exciting to be a pattern tester!


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