Yalta by Lena Merrin

In early January Lena Merrin  of the sewing space sent out a request for 10 pattern testers. I registered and joined 9 other sewers to test her new pattern – Yalta ladies pattern by Lena Merrin Patterns.
While the Jungle January safari continues,
I hunted through my fabric stash and struck down a Charlie Brown remnant piece I bought at Pitt Trading and made this version. Meryl Streep (out of Africa) wasn’t a real fabric hunter but I am.
While Lena’s pattern is designed for knits, the grainline goes across the body, so I caught another chiffon print and made a woven jungle version. My curiousity said, why not try it? It’s only fabric.

I love this style because it’s comfortable in our stinking hot summer weather.
I’ve never used a downloadable pdf pattern so here’s what my pattern pieces look like.

So I shortened the length and took 1.5cm off the shoulder seam. I cut and sewed this blue version in 2 hours. Here’s Mum’s larger version but still the same length I’ve made for her birthday. I also want to make a skirt for her too.

Warning: Jungle January is addictive. More jungle pieces are building a health safari collection. I just love the Meryl Streep reference Anne.
PS: I’ve posted more trench coat references on the right hand column.