Glad rags- Butterick 5608

This fabric was a Pitt Trading silk remnant. It’s very smooth, light weight and soft so the tiger that left its spots on this fabric has great taste in textiles. Again this was a designer remnant.

I loved the feel of this remnant and it’s been great to wear while trekking though the Jungle January heat. This style has enough structure at the neckline without sticking to you. The soft gathers on the sleeves are the other favourite feature (View D). I did a second version with the table runner fabric but it’s now a wadder. The round neckline seemed higher and tighter and the sleeves kept pulling so I think the trick with this top is to use a fine fabric.

There are darts at the back but this is a basic pull-over top. Truly – it’s a pull-on top.

Below you’ll see why I called this post is called glad rags.
DH and I went to the shire and met up with some friends at their local RSL, where you put on your glad rags for ‘tea’. If you go to the Engadine RSL only ask for the large serve if you haven’t eaten for a week. Oh, and I got to wear my Minoru. I have all the notions to make another Minoru jacket soon.
Carolyn, HTH means happy to help. I should have mentioned this when I posted it. It could mean a few other things. Does it?
Redsilvia, I have another knit dress that I can borrow the collar from for another version of Burda 7828. That’s what happens when you have an overflowing pattern library:)


  1. That top and jacket look sooo good together. Such a sophisticated look for The Shire. They don't usually dress up like that. The mind boggles as to what is next on the cards for February, no doubt something Fabulous, Fashionable and Fantastic from you. BTW, I am throwing out my list, I need a Minoru, and I do have a copy of the pattern, arghhhhh.


  2. I haven't seen that pattern before. It's really versatile and one that needs to be in my collection. The print on your top is really beautiful. It's a great top and will look lovely with so many things. Very versatile.


  3. Nice! I've been enjoying your sewing roll this month. Very prolific and lovely every one. And I was wondering what HTH meant as well so glad mystery solved on that one also.


  4. Oooh that's SUCH a lovely top! It's a great neckline, and the sleeve gathers make such an interesting shape – I would not have picked this as such a winner from the envelope drawings / diagram!


  5. My mum always used the glad rags term as well. You certainly have a lovely collection of glad rags to choose from esp this month. You really have converted me to the pleasures of animal prints and I will mine with confidence now. ( and get round to sewing up my last piece which is really loud )


  6. Love this top on you. I have the pattern but only the sleeveless version appealed to me when I looked at the envelope – seeing it on you, I really like the sleeves, you shortened them, didn't you?


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