Meryl Streep – Burda 7828

An Out of Africa dress if every there was one.

So why not make a version for Jungle January?

I’m sure this fabric was a Spotlight special and as has good two-way stretch makes it sit quiet nicely so I can lounge around sipping ice tea in the 40C heat we’ve been having. Very tropical indeed.

The other nice thing about this dress was it took 3 hours to make from making the initial paper adjustments to finishing off the sleeves. Meryl would have had her servants whip this up for her over lunch for high tea, I’m sure.
And the nice part for moi, is I can make this dress up for between seasons as a top with 3/4 sleeves or try the dress with 3/4 sleeves.
Technical changes:
Roll shoulder adjustment – 1.5 cm added to the back shoulder line and the same amount removed from the front shoulder line.
Shortened the hem at the hip adjustment line by 8cm – I’m short.
Removed 2 cm tuck at the neckline so it doesn’t gape open.
I’ll make the tie pieces slimmer next time.
Verdict: Two thumbs up
from Marina Sleep’s blog
Thank you:
Thank you for your comments throughout Jungle January. There are a couple more pieces up my sleeve.
The Tour Down Under post was to give you something different to read about while I’m on this jungle safari. Jungle prints really are just everywhere.
Last week I realised how much I enjoyed helping other ‘sewers’ out in real life as well as online. Both ladies aren’t part of a sewing group and they’re both talented sewers but they just needed a hand or someone to bounce off their ideas off. HTH.
The images on this post remain the property of their owners.


  1. That dress looks great on you and I love the animal print. I think I might have to check this pattern out. I like that the skirt doesn't look too full like some of the wrap dress patterns that are out there.


  2. I love the new dress – I have a similar one made from a simplicity pattern and wear this dress heaps .
    Wow I have counted 8 jungle January projects. How many more animal prints do you have prowling in your stash. I have one but I don`t think I will get to it before then end of the month – perhaps there can be a jungle june as well.


  3. Your dress looks great and what a good fit. I have this pattern and made it up a few years ago but I think I should have done a FBA and narrowed the shoulders, but it was easy and I still wear it sometimes.


  4. Oh I love this one! You really are going all out with Jungle January… you wild thing you LOL. Looking forward to seeing what else you got tucked away hidden your jungle waiting to be set free…hahaha


  5. This is a great dress and looks sooooo goooood on you! Nice! 3/4 sleeves and maybe a little collar? How cute! I hope you make that up when it gets cooler.


  6. Lovely dress. I have not taken part in Jungle January, but am interested to see someone who has more animal prints in their stash than I do!


  7. This suits you so well! The sleeves and neckline are particularly flattering (the hem could be shorter but I always feel that way XD so ignore that completely). I've seen pictures of this pattern but never anything made up- and a wrap dress with no gaping-you've obviously struck the holy grail.. 0o


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