Tour down under 2013

This week I’ve spent quality time getting my cycling fix..

I managed to watch the pre Tour down under stage race on the east side on the Sunday night.

The weather was warm and dry and I checked out the tour support teams too.

I got very close to the packs.

This is the behind the scenes ‘nosy’ around the support crews.

For the Twi-hards, ‘Edward’ is in town too.

I was able to visit DK Fabrics during the week. DK’s an absolutely huge shop for a sane sewer to endure without help from a friend. There were more jungle prints than you could point your bow and arrow at.
But I did take a sewing friend and now she has the matching zipper and fold over binding for her crotchet fabric to make a casual jacket. I have enabled a fellow sewer. My job here is done 🙂

Oh, and another friend asked me to toile check a pattern (New Look 6457) for her DD while I was here and I did. Her Mum now has a basic dress bodice that fits her DD and can sew up a dress for without needing to test fit her DD in person.
Now that does make this telecommuting or virtual sewing or enabling a family?


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