Tour down under 2013

This week I've spent quality time getting my cycling fix..I managed to watch the pre Tour down under stage race on the east side on the Sunday night.The weather was warm and dry and I checked out the tour support teams too.I got very close to the packs.,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3DA517743F62BE09D56E1891D5CCCD6A9EFB7C68AF.2D98294575D045276C9BE78801BCEFDDF8DD7604%26key%3Dlh1This is the behind the scenes 'nosy' around the support crews.,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3DA41FDEA81E86F4FF41D057D8AEFE185235B5A0DE.D4C6AEBF17462F056817C00B389D15219A14ECA6%26key%3Dlh1 ForContinue reading Tour down under 2013