Jalie skort 2796

I owe you a pic of this skort in action. Well, taking a break on the beach is where it came in very handy.

Henley Beach, Adelaide on Australia Day.

We hired some bikes and cycled from town to the beach on the road and then cycled back along the Torrens river. The return trip was 22kms so it wasn’t a hard ride. The bag that I’m holding had my cycling gear in it plus a standard issue hotel towel. It was a 38C day but because Adelaide has dry heat it was bearable and great to get away from our rainy summer.

At West Beach a few days later.

This time we took a Go-Get car to hang out at the beach for the afternoon. This skort is now my favourite beach skirt. I really love Jalie patterns.


  1. Love the skort and the sunny weather – not much sunshine happening up in Brissie at the moment!!!

    Anyway, I have nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award – congratulations!!! It was passed onto me from a fellow Aussie sewer, so I am also passing it onto other Aussie sewers that I enjoy following…


  2. Your skort is adorable!
    OK, I've read your last comment over a few times and I still don't understand it 🙂 … but thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog!


  3. The bright sand almost looks like snow (:
    The skort is so cute and practical. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. The pattern tempts me, but possibly I imagine I'm more sporty than I actually am (:


  4. Thank you so much for explaining, and it makes perfect sense to me now 😀
    I've never heard of seam great, but it does sound very useful. You don't see much of the purpose-made good stuff over here, and one has to improvise the best one can.


  5. Hi,
    Re: Comment left on PR regarding my skorts! I bought the bicycle gripper elastic on Ebay. Min lot was 15m so I have stacks left over. If you are happy to pay for postage I will send you some. My email addy is the(dash)stans(at)bigpond(dot)com. Great skorts too!


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