Singapore fab shopping

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my skort. It is now a ‘must pack’ when we travel.Speaking of which, here’s another travel write up that fed my fabric exploring appetite. DH and I took spent a week in Singapore.
a) I learnt how to make Roti (a pastry to eat with curries)
b) discovered Arab st fabric shops. I love Singapore.

Fliping a roti before frying it.

I had a great time finding fabric with the gentlemen at VK Abdul Samad & Co (66 Arab St). They influenced my fabric choices with some lovely embroidered linens.
Sensasi Fabrics (75 Arab St) had a smaller range of printed cottons in my price range.
At 68 Arab St was a large range of Batiks at $7/m.
Bian Swee Hin & Co (107 Arab St) had a large range of Batiks that I fell for.

There were heaps of silks that I successfully avoided and 3 stores specifically stocked fabric bling.
We did lots of tourist things, ate traditional foods and caught up with a uni friend and her family while we were there.


  1. Oh my – that is a gorgeous pile of fabric. Lucky you! Thanks so much for the addresses of the places you visited – since starting to sew I've made a point of trying to visit the fabric district of any city I visit! Hope you had a fabulous time in Singapore – such a beautiful and pleasant city to visit!


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