Singapore fab shopping

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my skort. It is now a ‘must pack’ when we travel.Speaking of which, here’s another travel write up that fed my fabric exploring appetite. DH and I took spent a week in Singapore.
a) I learnt how to make Roti (a pastry to eat with curries)
b) discovered Arab st fabric shops. I love Singapore.

Fliping a roti before frying it.

I had a great time finding fabric with the gentlemen at VK Abdul Samad & Co (66 Arab St). They influenced my fabric choices with some lovely embroidered linens.
Sensasi Fabrics (75 Arab St) had a smaller range of printed cottons in my price range.
At 68 Arab St was a large range of Batiks at $7/m.
Bian Swee Hin & Co (107 Arab St) had a large range of Batiks that I fell for.

There were heaps of silks that I successfully avoided and 3 stores specifically stocked fabric bling.
We did lots of tourist things, ate traditional foods and caught up with a uni friend and her family while we were there.


  1. Oh I am soooooo jealous! I love Singapore and have shopped the fabrics and eaten the rotis there too. Did you get one of the crushed lime drinks ..yum. Your fabrics looks great.


  2. Oh my – that is a gorgeous pile of fabric. Lucky you! Thanks so much for the addresses of the places you visited – since starting to sew I've made a point of trying to visit the fabric district of any city I visit! Hope you had a fabulous time in Singapore – such a beautiful and pleasant city to visit!


  3. Ooh, beautiful fabrics! I'm sure it's fun dreaming about what to make with them. And when you do, you'll be wearing memories of your trip!


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