Not using calico

While drafting my first trouser pattern for ‘Make a Garment a Month’ I thought I should also test a close fitting paper pattern using McCalls 5397 for summer. While this pattern was printed in 2007, I can’t find the pics online so here’s my version. This pattern is one of my November Minerva Blogger Network projects.

These trousers have a fitted, darted waist with facing and the zip is in the back. So there’s no fly finish needed.

Calico does nothing for my motivation so I used cotton batik I bought in Arab St, Singapore last year. I made the 12 using their hip size calculations and they were big and baggy. So I’ve trimmed it back and raised the crotch so I now have summer weekend trousers. This pattern is ready to use now for my Minerva project.

Self drafted front view
Self drafted back view

This two unflattering pics above are the front and back view of the pair I drafted using flat pattern method from Winifred Aldrich Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s wear. There’s some fullness across the front at the tummy and the front rise was too high so that’s been adjusted. The back and leg fit work well. I’ve added a waistband and the zip is at the back.

So now I have two fitted print trousers to wear with a plain top for summer. The wrap top was made in 2009.

This eyelet fabric kept staring at me so I lined this in green poplin and used the self drafted trouser pattern with an added fly front and waistband. Aldrich was my guide. The top is Advance 8190.

This fabric has no give and it is very light so while these trousers are slim fitting, they still have wiggle room and airflow for summer.

There’s more testing going on behind the scenes that you’ll see soon. Thank you for your words of encouragement with my Minerva Blogger Network commitment.

Singapore fab shopping

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my skort. It is now a ‘must pack’ when we travel.Speaking of which, here’s another travel write up that fed my fabric exploring appetite. DH and I took spent a week in Singapore.
a) I learnt how to make Roti (a pastry to eat with curries)
b) discovered Arab st fabric shops. I love Singapore.

Fliping a roti before frying it.

I had a great time finding fabric with the gentlemen at VK Abdul Samad & Co (66 Arab St). They influenced my fabric choices with some lovely embroidered linens.
Sensasi Fabrics (75 Arab St) had a smaller range of printed cottons in my price range.
At 68 Arab St was a large range of Batiks at $7/m.
Bian Swee Hin & Co (107 Arab St) had a large range of Batiks that I fell for.

There were heaps of silks that I successfully avoided and 3 stores specifically stocked fabric bling.
We did lots of tourist things, ate traditional foods and caught up with a uni friend and her family while we were there.