Vintage update – Style 4859

Happy St Patricks Day. This was my first run at getting this vintage pattern to work. 1974 doesn’t seem that long ago… On paper I added room for my bust and waist. Once I made this test dress, I removed the added width. What will remain is the extra length in the bust area for my own comfort and have included a bust dart for shaping. This dress is 10cm/2″ shorter than the short version. I added in the zipper late in construction as the pattern suggested which worked out great for getting the fit right. I will need to do a sway back adjustment because there were some gathers across the back when I wore the dress.

This fabric came from 3 years ago.

This fabric is a kiddie print and I’ve added green poplin bias trim on the dress and for the dress ties cause I’m still into green and I wanted to tone down the pinks. I used the fast turner tool for the dress ties. The skirt has a bit of twirl room that I will tone down for the next version maybe.
These two have just arrived in the mail. And Love Vintage fair is on in Sydney on 23 -25 March if anyone’s interested in everything vintage.

This will need some hacking for size.
This won’t need too much grading – I think.


  1. Oh you show off, Maria. That looks so good, and so much better than the envelope picture, more streamlined. And no, I am not going to start wearing halter tops! I used to love them back then. I made my muslin of my vintage pattern last night and wonder of wonders, it fits as though it was made for me, no alterations – yet. Thanks again for being the catalyst for my entering the comp.


  2. So pretty in that feminine fabric! Are you planning to make up all of these patterns for the competition? I really like the shift dress pattern too.


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