Tour down under 2013

This week I’ve spent quality time getting my cycling fix..

I managed to watch the pre Tour down under stage race on the east side on the Sunday night.

The weather was warm and dry and I checked out the tour support teams too.

I got very close to the packs.

This is the behind the scenes ‘nosy’ around the support crews.

For the Twi-hards, ‘Edward’ is in town too.

I was able to visit DK Fabrics during the week. DK’s an absolutely huge shop for a sane sewer to endure without help from a friend. There were more jungle prints than you could point your bow and arrow at.
But I did take a sewing friend and now she has the matching zipper and fold over binding for her crotchet fabric to make a casual jacket. I have enabled a fellow sewer. My job here is done 🙂

Oh, and another friend asked me to toile check a pattern (New Look 6457) for her DD while I was here and I did. Her Mum now has a basic dress bodice that fits her DD and can sew up a dress for without needing to test fit her DD in person.
Now that does make this telecommuting or virtual sewing or enabling a family?

Adelaide fabric stores

Here are a Adelaide few sewing places you might want to check out if you are in town:

Catwalk Fabrics 72 Colin street Brompton Adelaide:
Lis was very helpful and chatty. She has a history of teaching sewing and drafting and she wants younger sewers to learn as much as they can. Lis stocks designer fabrics that the bigger stores don’t stock. She said she bought fabrics via Tessutis. She also had some japanese books on draping etc, so she does have some unique pieces.
DK Fabrics 105 Port st Hindmarsh Adelaide:
This store is huge and it contains lots of fabric, notions and stored items. I bought apple green denim and a cream knit. I was overwhelmed with the selection. They cut fabric straight off the bolt where you stand so I couldn’t choose more than two pieces without losing my place in the store.
The staff were helpful and they had stacks of notions in loads of colours. It’s 4kms from the city and you can get there via tram to the entertainment centre.
Button Bar Shop 13, Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide CBD between Grenfell st and Rundall Mall:
The amount of buttons and notions in this store is overwhelming. Sylvia Collins is one of the owners and she took my query for rivets. This is a great store for locals and They have every sort of button and closure.
Ferrier Fashion Fabrics 380 Fullarton Road Fullarton, Adelaide:
This is a large store that has good quality fabrics and a great range of notions. I found the jacket zippers I needed for the Minoru jacket and rivets for my jeans. This store is easy to find and is 10 minutes from the CBD. The sales people are know their products and are very helpful when you’re trying to resolve a project. There were some lovely luxurious fabrics that I was tempted to buy. Next time.
From the fabrics I bought in Adelaide, I’ve made up the green jeans and the Minoru jacket.