Vintage jungle wrap – Butterick 4699

In honour of the fabulous Ann (note the mickey mouse straw hat), I’ve created this little wrap and it’s now my summer bathrobe because it’s sheer and breezy.

Where’s the dry martini on the tropical resort when you need one?

Butterick 4699 (vintage) was in the pattern pyramid pile that I received last year, and I passed it onto the wonderful The Material Lady. The pattern envelope illustrates how a lady can wear this most fashionable 1960’s wrap dress. I’m assuming she has a full length slip on underneath:)

This close up kinda shows you the front-folded version with the tie made from the same fabric. I used french seams and fine double-rolled hems throughout this sheer dress/bathrobe.

This is a test dress because the arm holes are very long/wide as is the dress width but then I’m using a light weight sheer fabric. I’ve taken 4″ off the length.

Below is the Summer Spark version sewn by Rhinestones and Telephones. Her version is fitted and fab. So you can see I need to work on this pattern a bit more to get such a gorgeous fit. Bodice darts will be added to get such a wonderful fit.

Did I say this dress/bathrobe was sheer?

So now I’ve completed 1 giveaway piece from Ann last year. Thanks again Ann.


  1. What a lovely dress / bath robe – surely too beautiful for a bath robe.
    Love the thought of it by the poolside whilst you sip martinis and being waited on by tanned muscled men (or is that just me??). Much more of a fitting place for it. How much animal do you have left in your stash?


  2. Look at what Prttynpnk has created with her January Jungle!!!! Animal print with lace…and it's sheer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are out of control. Love it, love it, love it!! I think you are having a VERY good time 🙂


  3. Definitely pool side, using it as a bath robe would limit the number of people who can admire such a floaty and fabulous garment.
    I am really enjoying your jungle theming. It is great to see the versatility of your animal prints for so many different garments.


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