Sydney sewer meet up

We had lots of familiar sewing bloggers meet together on Saturday. I think fabric shopping was like background entertainment for us because it was so much fun meeting and chatting too everyone in real life.

While we got a helpful discount from Tessutis, I weakened with The Fabric Store’s 50% off sale.

This picture is from Little Betty blog, courtesy of Wendy. PS Wendy was glowing.

So while I don’t need more fabric, I weakened and purchased some silk pieces.

Pic left to right: Janelle, Rebecca and moi hunting fabrics. I wore my jungle print Yalta top. We hunted Janelle to find her perfect couture dress fabrics – successfully.

And Gabrielle was able to make it this time. I’ve been wanting to meet Gabrielle since Made-Me-May 2012.

Pic left to right: Yana, Lena, moi and Janelle.
Lena Merrin was there and gave us her industry-based fabric buying advice. Did anyone notice Lena’s skirt? Yana has been making some great maternity wear, as you can plainly see. All the best Yana!

So silks were on my shopping list, especially for the price. Did I mention that I’m easily swayed by a bargain.

Thanks to Kristy for arranging our meet up. I like Kristy’s idea of having the next meet up at a cafe because I had no ‘beans left in the can’ by the time it was time to go for drinks. Keep and eye on her blog for the next meet up.

I missed seeing Kristy, Jodie and Anne:((

BTW: Here’s an interesting fact. The Fabric Store has just ordered in rolls of the jungle print I was wearing. Now I bought this fabric at Pitt Trading (a Charlie Brown remnant) early last year. You know, that remnant bin with my name on it – LOL. So if you like this print, keep an eye out for it next time you’re in the store.
Small world!

Jungle wrap up – Simplicity 2603

Thanks Pretty Grievances for hosting Jungle January.

My safari suit is now at the cleaners and I will move onto using lace fabrics. Is anyone hosting a month of lace sewing? Although I’ve just cut out a new Minoru using PUL fabric because we’ve had the wildest summer safari weather.

And I now have a jungle wrap. No changes to this wrap pattern since I first made it up in the maroon version. The navy and brown versions are worn a lot to work because of the air con. This jungle net fabric from the Spotlight clearance table. 

It’s been an amazing safari through my fabric stash. What does it say about your personality when you have so much animal print in it but don’t make it up? Yes, I’ve been too chicken to try incorporating animal prints but now I can wear it without making the wrong statement.

As much as I loved the Sopranos series, that’s not the look I’m going for with jungle prints.
Not disrespect T.
Thanks for your comments on the vintage wrap. I think I’ll be brave and wear it at the beach too.

Vintage jungle wrap – Butterick 4699

In honour of the fabulous Ann (note the mickey mouse straw hat), I’ve created this little wrap and it’s now my summer bathrobe because it’s sheer and breezy.

Where’s the dry martini on the tropical resort when you need one?

Butterick 4699 (vintage) was in the pattern pyramid pile that I received last year, and I passed it onto the wonderful The Material Lady. The pattern envelope illustrates how a lady can wear this most fashionable 1960’s wrap dress. I’m assuming she has a full length slip on underneath:)

This close up kinda shows you the front-folded version with the tie made from the same fabric. I used french seams and fine double-rolled hems throughout this sheer dress/bathrobe.

This is a test dress because the arm holes are very long/wide as is the dress width but then I’m using a light weight sheer fabric. I’ve taken 4″ off the length.

Below is the Summer Spark version sewn by Rhinestones and Telephones. Her version is fitted and fab. So you can see I need to work on this pattern a bit more to get such a gorgeous fit. Bodice darts will be added to get such a wonderful fit.

Did I say this dress/bathrobe was sheer?

So now I’ve completed 1 giveaway piece from Ann last year. Thanks again Ann.

Jungle knock off

Bias cut is comfortable to wear and even more so if it’s a nightie.

You can see the jungle print better below.

The original nightie below is from Sussan’s bought many years ago. I love the wide straps. They are gathered or bunched up at the join.
And I’ve positioned the straps at the back so it sits well on my shoulders.
The fabric was probably from Spotlight and I bought it for funky jacket lining so there’s still plenty of it in the fabric stash. So this jungle print won’t be worn out of the house, unless it’s jacket lining. Jungle on.

2012 wrap up:
Over 75 pattern reviews and managed 3 PR contests.

2013 goals:
Extend my skill set and work with indie patterns.