Being Helena

With the prospect of Susan Khalje visiting Australia again, I decided to try another challenging project - this outfit worn by Helena Bonham-Carter at a Berlin Film Festival.After trawling through pinterest, here's how Helena wore this outfit.I love how this suit is a deconstructed, fitted suit.For this project, I ordered from the Minerva Crafts website … Continue reading Being Helena

Ergonomic tracing wheel and toiles

Tracing wheels are a must in couture sewing or when you're simply tracing a pattern onto fabric. Prepping patterns gives you better accuracy but tracing can be tiring.I tested a 27-pattern piece dress so the thought of tracing stitching lines and notches was demotivating. Truly.Here's the prep stage: pattern, calico, Prym ergonomic tracing wheel, Prym … Continue reading Ergonomic tracing wheel and toiles