Ergonomic tracing wheel and toiles

Tracing wheels are a must in couture sewing or when you’re simply tracing a pattern onto fabric. Prepping patterns gives you better accuracy but tracing can be tiring.

I tested a 27-pattern piece dress so the thought of tracing stitching lines and notches was demotivating. Truly.

Here’s the prep stage: pattern, calico, Prym ergonomic tracing wheel, Prym Love magnetic pin cushion and Prym glass-head pins (48 x 0.8mm) 

What was a pleasant surprise was how easy it was to trace each stitching line and not have fatiguing wrists using the Prym ergonomic tracing wheel.

Prym ergonomic tracing wheel, arm pin cushion with hook and loop fastening and Prym Love magnetic pin cushion 

The tracing wheel I have always used is wobbly and I never realised the strain it caused on my wrists.

Prym ergonomic tracing wheel is designed to keep your wrists fatigue free.

Now I’ve been using Prym tools for all my sewing this year and the accuracy of my sewing has really improved. My previous tracing wheels are now retired and I’ll be attached to this ergonomic tracing wheel by Prym from now on.

I’m currently experimenting with Prym’s parallel tracing wheel and I’m enjoying using this new tailoring too now.

Minerva Crafts is offering a 10% discount for all Prym purchases with discount code ‘maria’.

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