Which way it the right way to use a large border print? This month I experimented with a large border John Kaldor print from Minerva Crafts on Sew Over It Eve dress.

The fun was strategically cutting out the pieces with this border print. I love this print.

I used to get ‘hung up’ on figuring out what the ‘right way’ to use a border print.

Rules are a great guide but sometimes I’ve been hampered by them.

Which way is up or where should the border print be placed.

I’m not tall so my options are limited on how I can use any print.

Internally I used French seams where possible. The fabric is light and soft so overlocking the seams made them feel thick and clunky.

The skirt is soft and flowy so French seams didn’t weigh down this dress.

I used Prym Microtextil sharps needle. The 70/10 size from the mixed pack sewed through this fabric very smoothly.
The neckline finish uses Prym plain cotton tape (no facing) so again there’s no bulk at the neckline. I chose the cotton tape and the tape weave is very sturdy so I was able to ease in the neckline across the bust.
The neckline across the bust hugs against me so I didn’t need to do an adjustment, like I have with other neckline.

Now to pair this dress with my work jackets.

This is an easy dress to make for work if you can’t find a thing to wear.

Thanks again Minerva Crafts. 

Don’t forget to use ‘maria’ to get 10% off any Prym purchases from Minerva Crafts.


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