Polka dot fun

Last time we travelled I experimented and wore dresses 80% of the time. I enjoyed the experience and found I had less-stress choosing what to wear each day.

Initially I felt a bit over dressed. Wrap dresses like this Sew Over It Eve dress is a great shape for travelling.

This version of Eve is a test dress. The fabric was a cotton remnant from the Fabric Cave.

Using an all over print like this gave me the opportunity to get the fit right.

Honestly I love the fact that it has a waistline, but it’s also a waistline that can change without being obvious.

Even the skirt back width is forgiving.

On the pattern I did a forward shoulder adjustment and lowered the skirt centre back hem to cover my rear.

The pattern does offer a short flutter sleeve option as well as a high-low hem skirt.

If you take a closer look at the inside of the neckline, you’ll notice stay tape is used to finish the neckline. They beauty of the stay tape is you can ease any neckline gaping on the stay tape so the neckline closes against your body.

Now to work on a border print version using a John Kaldor print from Minerva Crafts.

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