Fine tuned

There’s nothing more satisfying that a dress that works. Testing it helps and I did that with this month’s Minerva Crafts project using Deer and Doe Belladone dress.

Ok, here’s the elegant photo of the dress.

After I took this photo I realised the red flowers follow their way to my red shoes.

Oh, and I added red piping to bring out this colour in the fabric.
I had a choice of flower colours to choose from when selecting the piping. Of course I chose red.
A better fitting back dress
As you can see, I used the red flowers on the back shoulders and matched a red flower at the centre back. 
Here’s a closer look at the red flower placement at the back.
Here are the bodice pieces I tweaked to get the fit right.
The armholes gaped at the back and the back bodice base also gaped so I’ve wedged out this fullness. The armholes felt high so I lowered these too and the pulling from the test dress has been eliminated.
If neat finishings are your thing, here’s a peek at the inside of this dress.
The bodice is lined with non-stretch poplin.
Sewing on the piping is always much more accurate with good Prym measuring tools.
When all is said and done, this dress made me happy.
 Happy it fits well and happy to know Spring is around the corner in my little neck of the woods.

This little number is now ready to tour around Japan this month. Thanks Minerva Crafts.

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