Leather trim – McCalls 6292

This really is a test jacket. Truely. When I test a pattern:
– there’s no real plan
– I make my basic pattern adjustments (roll shoulder, sleeve and bodice length)
– any notions come from my stash

    Throughout the process I constantly think “What if…”

So really, I let go of any preconceived ideas and I make the garment out of sequence.
What I mean is for this jacket, I made up the lining and checked the shoulder fit before I cut out the fashion fabric. The shoulders came out too long so I cut them back on the fashion fabric and I’ve since adjusted the pattern. The neckline also climbed up my short little neck, so I dropped this by 1cm.

As you know, I’ve been trying to pick up any skills to work with leather. I had no intention of piping this jacket in snake embossed lamb leather but the scraps that I had bought from the Remnant Warehouse have been sitting in my sewing bag for 3 months saying “so what are we here for?” The cost of these leather scraps came to a whole $10.

This medium wool fabric was gifted to me by a sewing buddy so this jacket fabric hasn’t cost me much at all and I was happy to cut into it and test out this jacket. I still have plenty for a coat, skirt or pants. This fabric is well behaved.

The wonderful 3kids was the only PR reviewer of this jacket so iher review made it really clear this jacket would finish above/at my waist. Her blog had lots more detail and photos of her finished jacket. Her jacket is wonderful both on the inside and out.

This is my ‘I think I need a coffee’ look.
The ripple on my right shoulder is because the lining is a bit short – like me.
So now I’m just about ready to make up my pleather red version, once the zipper arrives from Zipperstop. I’ve used a rich red sunsilky lining to contrast the green wool on this toile.

In the meantime, I’ve cut out navy work pants that will be lined – Burda 7746. This will be my first lined pants. The first version in a purple linen have worked out well.

 If I get 2 pairs made up by the end of this month, I should be toasty warm this winter.


  1. What a fun jacket — and I think you've inspired me to use this pattern as the basis of a quirky, cycling-related, project I have in mind.

    Love that lining with the green wool!


  2. Nice. And it's always good when there's no additional cost involved XD. Beware the Burda pants-double check final measurements if you haven't already sewed from that pattern-I used my usual size (which fit perfectly in everything else) for a pair of straight cut pants and they seem tight at the hips and thighs XS (I haven't finished them yet but at this stage my motivation is close to zero… XP).


  3. And just when I thought it was safe to go back into the water … you come out with the start of another new trend, ha ha, coloured jackets. And I just happen to have some really nice bright emerald wool. I thought we were going to make trench coats, what was I thinking. Oh well, maybe next, next, next month


  4. Hey Renata.
    I'm ready for a trench sewalong as soon as you're ready.
    I can also do another Minoru once you get the pattern next weekend:-)
    All the notions are ready to be used.


  5. You look quite tough in that jacket! You must be 'cause you've got the guts to work with leather. Well done; looking forward to the “real” version.


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