Not so quiet downunder

Not much happens in our sleepy suburb except today the streets are blocked off to film the next Underbelly series. Thankfully the rain has eased off and it’s a gorgeous winter day.
The camera guy on the bottom left turned around and filmed my taking this shot, possibly to embarrass me. It didn’t work.
So here is a composite of the actors.

Underbelly: Badness stars Jonathan LaPaglia as underworld figure Anthony Perish. He’s the one in denim.


  1. hehe – I would totally have been embarassed by the camera man trying to embarass me were I you. I'm camera shy big time! Looks pretty cool though – didn't realise they were making another Underbelly series 🙂


  2. Were you filming someone filming you? You realise you've now created an alternate reality where your neighbourhood is no longer quiet?


  3. Ohh – how excitment (hopefully fellow Aussies will understand my quote and not consider my grammar bad!!) Jonathon La Paglia no less. Very exciting.


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