Lovin’ lined trousers – Burda 7746

So now I have a cotton navy trousers that are lined and will be better for general office wear. The fabric is from Pitt Trading and I’ve used sunsilky lining. Thanks to Sheila ctk for the hook and eye kits I’ve used on these trousers. I won these through a giveway she ran earlier this year. I still have fabric courtesy of Sheila ctk that I need to make up – soon.

I made this top (Kwik Sew 2694) earlier this year.

After wearing these to work, I’ve now added belt loops so these trousers sit better on me.

I do enjoy the 1960’s Batman camera angle.

The pockets on the first pair stretched so I’ve interfaced the pocket edges and they sit very nicely now. Here’s the interfacing I’ve used on the scratchy woollen pair that I’m making up since finishing the navy pair. I tend to make things twice so I know I didn’t fluke the first version. And I  embed the construction steps in my head.

I didn’t have enough fabric for the pocket bag pieces so I’ve placed a piece of the woollen fabric on the piece that will show. The rest of the pocket bag pieces are made from sunsilky lining.

This dark flecky woollen pair is made from a Cue remnant that I bought from Pitt Trading last year. The weather reports were warning about the coming cold chill so I decided these trousers needed to be worn now.

The woollen pair are scratchy and the Sunsilky lining is the perfect solution. 

I made this top earlier last year and because it’s a bit wide, I’ve worn a belt to keep it sitting right.

 It was a no-brainer to add belt loops after finishing the navy trousers.

I’ll adjust the back hem so they don’t bag at the back. I have one more pair in the pipeline.

Here’s another close up shot of the woollen fabric.


  1. I'm simply loving how these look on you and how you've styled them perfectly. And it's nice to know that someone else sews up multiples while the instructions are fresh in mind.


  2. Great trousers and your 3rd pair in the pipeline. A tip Roberta shared was to use twill tape along the pocket edge and pull it a bit so that the pocket will then hug your body.


  3. Thanks Jane. I was surprised how quickly the second pair came together.
    Sharon. I couldn't use twill tape because the woollen pair have a looser weave and the interfacing has given a fuller hold throughout the day – if you know what I mean…


  4. Your trousers look very smart. Making 3 pairs in a row sounds terribly virtuous to me, your wardrobe must be very well organised with lots of lovely new clothes to wear to work.


  5. Hi Kbenco. Thanks for that. One day my wardrobe will be organised 🙂 I can now replace my 'make do' trouser.
    Hi Mushy. The pocket and the fit were the real clincher for me.


  6. Lovely trousers and look great with the pretty tops. I agree. making the three pairs at once is a good idea. I'll bet the third pair will go together very quickly


  7. I think that we are both loving lined trousers. I think that lined trousers makes me more sexy and seductive. I know that many women love to wear lined trousers as well.


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