ASG industry day

Industry day at the Simplicity warehouse is something I do look forward to each year. The speakers can be great most of the time and the special deals we get from Simplicity are something I love and this year was no exception. Patterns for $5 is the best deal we get locally. That’s for Burda, New Look and Simplicity patterns.
John Byrnes did a great update about what’s happening at Simplicity. There were about 150 of us in their warehouse but John had something there for everyone to delve through.
The Guild were selling fabrics donated from a generous fabric store that moved from Leichhardt recently. My stash has grown thanks to Toni’s pursuasion.
Sally Souter from discussed colour and style and the audience were ready to have their colours, styles and wardrobes attended to as soon as she finished.
Rosemary from Chic Fabrique brought some of her fabrics bolts for sale and I bought some leather remnants *rolled eyes icon*.
The ASG travel tours coming up in New York and Turkey next year sounded tempting.
I didn’t stay for Rhonda Braybrook’s session on Taking your basic T outside the square. If her leather workshop on the Sunday went beyond sewing leather scraps into patchwork bags, I would have joined the workshop. On Sunday I ended up achieving 3,000 cycling training kms instead. I achieved 2,000 cycling training kms in January.
Alison gave me a quick Bento lesson on my iPhone, when my attention deficit disorder kicked in. My pattern template is ready to use. Now to develop a fabric template. Then I’ll begin the long road to being organised. Should I do develop a notion template as well?
There were a couple of PR people who attended and because their avatar isn’t their photo, I wasn’t able to recognise them to say ‘hi’. It was only after chatting on the message board on Sunday that I realised that I missed out on meeting them.
In our sewing group of over 12, three of us wore our favourite green winter gear. There was no planning involved.
The next ASG industry day was scheduled for Saturday 13th October 2012 but it got the flick.


  1. Yea what's with people not showing their faces online-headless bodies creep me out XS. And you are so lucky to see all those cool people +get discounted patterns + awesome fabric! Must do a photopost on what you've picked up! PS green suits you.


  2. It was a great day – sad to hear the October one was given the flick. I admit that I am one of the headless / faceless many. Didn't realised it creeped people out. That is what I was trying to avoid LOL 🙂 I will try to be brave and leave my head on the next photo on my blog! Not quite sure about changing my avatar though…….


  3. Oh, I am envious, what a fantastic day, and some great bargains! $5 patterns in the hand? it doesn't get cheaper than that here, you are so right. You all look gorgeous in green together, not all greens match each other, but yours all do! Serendipity!! 🙂


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