Gloves – Butterick 5695

These gloves were a test and now I like them. And the pattern doesn’t call for lining but the next pair will be lined, especially if I use leather.

This shows the handstitching on the fingers. I couldn’t do this by machine. I’ve used a knit scrap to test the pattern size and sewing steps.
Here’s the right side palm view. 
Here’s the right side back view. 
You can see the pleather has a soft knit wrong side. The pattern piece shows how I took 1cm off the finger length. 
The reason I went back to this project is because Theperfectnose from blogging heaven, sent me an email with this glove sewing article and I thought I should strike while the iron was hot. The article is easy to follow and much better than the pattern instructions. Well, I also went to the Alexandria ASG meeting on Saturday and I deliberately left my machine at home so I had no other option but to handstitch – and chat over a cuppa, of course.  I did learn to handstitch at the Leatherworkers Guild last month.
These wonderclips were great to prevent extra puncture marks on the pleather but I did need to stitch carefully so I didn’t wreak them. Thanks to Sharon for getting me to buy these last month when she had a special offer. These clips were a timely purchase. The inside fabric was great for writing on.

Here’s how I used them on the machine and how I used the zipper foot for the 3mm seam allowances. 3mm! I did check the fit of the first finger I hand sewed and realised the finger length was a bit short so I clipped each by 1cm. I think my knit fabric stretched while I sewed so the pattern pieces have been altered back to their original lengths.

Here’s how they finished up yesterday.
I did a bit more handstitching on the fatter fingers and added a 1″ cuff with elastic and I was able to machine sew this cuff on using the zipper foot again. Brilliant.
Thank you so much theperfectnose. You gave me the kick-start and article I needed.
Now to make the matching jacket…McCalls 6292 but a bit longer than finishing at the waist.
I’ve started on the toile so that I can get the jacket length and construction right.


  1. Very impressive gloves and a matching jacket, which has a some great design lines, looking forward to seeing the finished set.

    Now do I make opera length gloves that I need for a function in July?


  2. Cool pair of gloves! I am also fascinated by glove making. I hand-sewed one glove and haven't gotten around to finishing its other pair. I takes some skill to get the fit just right!


  3. I'm impressed. I read an article in Threads a while back and I've had the idea of making gloves stuck in the back of my mind, but I've never actually been brave enough. Yours turned out really well, so maybe I might be tempted.


  4. OMG that's awesome (Carl says it looks heavy duty so leather gloves+leather jacket=motorbike?). So happy it all worked out, you've obviously put a lot into it-thanks for the link love as well!


  5. Your gloves look amazing! They look so fiddly to make, but when you seem them finished they're pretty awesome. Well done!


  6. Your gloves look amazing! They look so fiddly to make, but when you seem them finished they're pretty awesome. Well done!


  7. Oh my, these are fabulous! I look forward to seeing the matching jacket.
    I, too, read that Threads article on gloves a while back. Gloves are certainly a necessity here, but I think I'll start with the kids' glove patterns I have (:


  8. Nice looking gloves. My son is going to be making some gloves and I've been trying to find information on glove making. I was wondering what is the article you were emailed? Thank you.


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