Mum’s updated collection

When the seasons change, I check Mum’s clothes to see what I can do to give her ‘options’ for her lifestyle and less flexible hands. This time I’ve developed a beige collection with easy to wear skirts and I’ll working on some light coloured knit tops for some new winter layers.  I made her a fleece coat last winter so this will also go with this collection. The previous skirts I made her were all dark and her measurements haven’t changed since 2010.

These skirts are dead easy but she expects good straight skirts to be lined, so they are lined with sunsilky (my fav) and I’ve used non-roll elastic in a waistline casing. Her hip measurement is 44″ so I added 2″ and cut them long enough for a 2″ casing and a 2″ hem. The beige print is similar to a jacket that Mum already has so she might or might not style these together.

Each skirt has a centre back split so she can hop into the car when we go out. And she’s very social so she gets out and about quiet a bit.

Kwik Sew 3658

Kwik Sew 2694

I’m leaning towards Kwik Sew 3658 with long sleeves or 2694 view A for her new basic winter top layers. She has some great chunky knit cardies from last winter that I know she wears often so that’ll give me time to make her a new casual jacket in the coming months. 

The new jacket will be Kwik Sew 3716. I have the beige woven fabric and a print on beige for her. The outside pockets are a feature she loves so I think she’ll be happy with this.
DH isn’t feeling the sewing love so I can feel some DH alterations approaching my sewing room soon…


  1. I think this is the most satisfaction we, as sewers, can get, to make something nice for someone close to us and who really appreciates it, as I am sure your Mum does. Especially with your busy lifestyle. I really admire that.


  2. What a wonderful thing to sew up some basics for your mom! I'm sure it's nice for her to avoid the frustration of finding just what she wants in the stores


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