Me-Made-May ’12

Thank you for your supportive comments about sewing for Mum. I know it’s not exciting sewing but as Renata said, sewing is a gift that we can give others. The fabrics for her tops have been washed and I’ll tackle that next.
And on a similar note, DH did get some alterations done on the weekend as well so he’s happy to be able to wear a couple RTW pants that fit so much better. He’ll order pants with a 34 waist in future and not a 36. But I did see what a Mens RTW ‘power waistband’ is. I’ll blog that for you shortly.

‘I, Maria of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear at least one ‘me-made-garment’ each day for the duration of May 2012 and I’ll use this time to plan sewing clothes to eliminate wardobe orphans and tired winter clothes.’

What I’d like to avoid is making clothes and then not using them. I think my attention to detail and clothes fit is getting better so I hope to be smart about retiring old favourites that don’t really do me any favours.
MMM’12 is also a month long committment so I’ll play with different style ideas so I don’t lose momentum. Having Sharon as a previous Me-Made role model is going to keep me motivated too.


  1. Looking forward to the challenge with you and that is what it is all about, wearing the clothes that you make.

    Glad DH got some alterations done and looking forward to seeing the “power wasitband”.


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