Vintage update – Simplicity 8914

This time my maths has improved with this dress.

The fabric was from someone’s stash as I bought it from Pitt Trading’s ex-personal stash and it has 70s feel to it. I originally thought this fabric could be jacket worthy but it’s worked well for this shift dress.


I extended the a-line hem by 5″ or 13cm and I decided not to add the elastic casing because of the neat dress fit. The elastic casing could be for a fuller version – maybe.

My local sewing place found the best invisible zipper colour match for me and I was stoked. Initially I was struggling with the self-covered buttons and I bought brass jeans buttons as a substitute at Alexandria but then I got my groove back at home and the self cover buttons worked. Sweet!

I enjoyed making the pockets and I’ll keep the pocket pattern as a template for other clothes. The pockets are interfaced and they were quick to make.

I toyed with the idea of piping but I’ll leave that idea for future piece of work.
You can chuckle at the red overlocking on the inside.

The ladies at work all had a story about a similar style dress they had when they first started working. I had a deep yellow dress like this to wear as 2IC at the local supermarket when I was working my way through uni.
There are two more days of the PR Vintage Contest to go and I’ve enjoyed managing it. I thought this might be a huge commitment but I’ve really enjoyed working with and learning from other vintage PR ‘experts’ throughout this contest.

BTW: Pitt Trading now has a website.


  1. Am I living in the past because most of the vintage garments I am seeing, yours and those in the contest, do not seem 'vintage' to me. The dress I made I actually made for a friend of mine at the time, in a more appropriate fabric and the memory has lasted all that time. So when the pattern appeared somewhere in a suitable size I snapped it up.
    I love this dress of yours in all the ways you have styled it. And your blue vintage halter, and the one in 'quilting fabric', to me they all seem very appropriate and wearable today. Now if only I had kept all my clothes, and kept my size.
    You have done a fantastic job with the contest, thank you.


  2. I have this pattern, too. I agree with Renata; I think that many of these vintage styles are still being worn and when you style these garments with contemporary acessories, they look current. I noticed last year that many of the styles in the Vogue catalogue had similar silhouettes to a lot of patterns I have from the 80's. In my queue I have an 80's dress pattern that is an exact match for a dress I saw in a store in Melbourne last summer. Writers say there are only 8 stories to be told, perhaps the same is true for sewing patterns?


  3. A very stylish dress and glad the covered buttons worked out,they need a bit more space than the sewing group had.

    Love the way you have styled this, can just imagine it appearing in MMM12.


  4. I think it's hard for some of us to believe that the pattern is vintage is because it's only 30-40 years old (and we've probably worn or sewn it)…but for a lot of the young sewists that is vintage. Sad right? *LOL*

    Anyway, I'm loving the dress and the way you've styled it.


  5. Cute dress and it has a little of the air hostess of the 70's look which makes it fun without looking too out of place in the current time.


  6. It's great and fits so well. I am glad you didn't put in the elastic casing–that makes it look like a uniform at McDonald's! Much nicer this way.


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