Head to toe

Winter is coming… I love Game of Thrones! So to keep my little legs warm leggings using a pattern McCalls 6404 View D aimed at non-gym activities worked wonders. Then came the top Kwik Sew 3567.

The legging uses a stash of navy cotton/spandex from the Remnant Warehouse and 2 green zippers from zipper stop. 

After reading the reviews on PR, I cut the small size. So depending on the fabric, I’ll make extra small next time. Flattering sizing for this shortie! I orginally took 2.5cm off the leg length at the ankle. After the initial fitting, I took off an additional 7cm off the length.

Now for the tushy adjustment…
I’ve deepened the back crotch curve and after the initial fitting, the centre back now has a very small yolk. The pattern now as a longer centre back seam (4cm) now and and a sway back adjustment (3cm). 

I’ve used a straight stitch for construction and cover stitched the seam stitching. Other reviewers said they should have used a wider elastic, so I used a 32mm wide elastic in the waistband. That worked a dream. As did marking the top of the leggings to the top of my unmentionables. That also worked well because it was just me and the mirror working on the fit of these leggings. Let’s move on…

Then I had to have a long sleeve top – didn’t I?

Using Kwik Sew 3567 View B with a V-neckline and fabric from my favourite local fabric place MyHung, sold me the last of the purple roll to make this top (and more longs later). We haggled a bit – just for the fun of it.

I can safely say tracing out the small size and sewing this top took 3 hours. 6mm seam allowances are wonderful using a simple straight stitch for the seams and coverstitched hems. This little number was great the next morning at the gym.
At the end of the class, no glistening markings and fleshy bits showed and the class was hard but worthwhile.

Here’s today’s work wear outfit. Me made dress Simplicity 8914 and me made cardi. And the light fog lifted too.

Ugly location

Today’s MMM’12 photo challenge was an ugly location. Bins are ugly so here are a stack of them.

Dress: Simplicity 8914 is a 70s vintage pattern. The fabric is also vintage, from someone’s stash that I purchased at Pitt Trading.
Cardi: I made this cardi McCalls 5978 after making a shirtmaker dress last year. The trim is overlocked with red thread. I’ve made this in a red print before. No mug today.

Seriously, normal people don’t pose in front of bins. Do they?

Vintage update – Simplicity 8914

This time my maths has improved with this dress.

The fabric was from someone’s stash as I bought it from Pitt Trading’s ex-personal stash and it has 70s feel to it. I originally thought this fabric could be jacket worthy but it’s worked well for this shift dress.


I extended the a-line hem by 5″ or 13cm and I decided not to add the elastic casing because of the neat dress fit. The elastic casing could be for a fuller version – maybe.

My local sewing place found the best invisible zipper colour match for me and I was stoked. Initially I was struggling with the self-covered buttons and I bought brass jeans buttons as a substitute at Alexandria but then I got my groove back at home and the self cover buttons worked. Sweet!

I enjoyed making the pockets and I’ll keep the pocket pattern as a template for other clothes. The pockets are interfaced and they were quick to make.

I toyed with the idea of piping but I’ll leave that idea for future piece of work.
You can chuckle at the red overlocking on the inside.

The ladies at work all had a story about a similar style dress they had when they first started working. I had a deep yellow dress like this to wear as 2IC at the local supermarket when I was working my way through uni.
There are two more days of the PR Vintage Contest to go and I’ve enjoyed managing it. I thought this might be a huge commitment but I’ve really enjoyed working with and learning from other vintage PR ‘experts’ throughout this contest.

BTW: Pitt Trading now has a website.