Mum’s tops

Since we last spoke, I’ve managed to get these 3 tops made. They are Kwik Sew and they were quick to sew and once I iron them, Mum will try these on tomorrow. Each of these tops were sewn with the overlocker and cover pro. The shoulder seams are reinforced with ‘Seams Great’. Each piece was prewashed and can be machine washed.

This is KS 2683 boat neckline. This was the second version I made from the beige cotton knit. I’m showing this top first because I’m undecided on it. Mum will tell me the truth tomorrow.
The base fabric has the natural cotton flecs in it and spandex and it’s a regular item at The Remnant Warehouse. The sleeves have a textured beige fabric that I bought in Adelaide in January and I think they still need to be shortened. I already took 2″ off the hem.
She wears boat neck tops but I need to check the fit. It seems really big but I’ve checked the final width to her measurements and they match. Fingers crossed.

Here’s the first top I made KS2694 view A. The night I cut this out, I sewed up the shoulder seams and then my mind became foggy so I slowly stepped away from the sewing machine because I could feel a mistake coming on. The next day I found the construction process was much clearer and no unpicker was harmed during construction.

Here’s the final KS2694 in a print from Knitwit. This top is my favourite. The fabric is a poly/spandex mix and it’s easy to sew and feels very soft. I know that the ‘rule on prints’ is to use small prints for short people but as this print is fairly open and I liked how the print seems to flow without being too overwhelming.

Thank you for your vintage dress comments.
I agree Caroline, Renata and Carol that a pattern that’s 30 years old can’t be classed as vintage especially if we’ve worn this pattern in the past however I love watching how the next generation gets excited about it and then restyles it.
Carol may be right saying there could be a limited dress styles. 
I was feeling very air hostess when I added the colour toned scarf Sue.

There’s one more vintage dress to come.
Now to get back to cooking for tomorrow’s lunch.


  1. You are such a good daughter. Me, not so much. LOL. Did you sew the 2694 neckline down so it doesn't gape open? I do this all the time.

    Re vintage – There's an overlocker currently on Ebay that the seller has listed as vintage. It must be about a 1998 model as far as I can tell. This means I'm using a vintage overlocker all the time!!


  2. Hey Alison,
    I did sew the neckline down with the coverpro and it's such a clean finish.
    About the vintage overlocker, somehow it's a relative.
    How are the gloves coming along?


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